March 27, 2019

Dinosaurs For The Grand-baby

What a Month and a Half Winter we've had.
December and January was a real treat... not too much in the way of snow.  Traveling across town or even visiting neighboring cities didn't have to be planned according to the weather and street conditions.  Think I visited the fabric stores way too many times this go-around - smiling.

February came in with pow.
Snow, Snow and more Snow. There were two things that kept me busy for those six weeks: snow shoveling and going through old sewing patterns. Let's talk about old sewing patterns...

I have a large tote filled with patterns and then, something-like 6 baskets of focused patterns. The stuffed animals and toys entertained my creativity for days.  The 1983 McCall #2577 I Dig Dinosaurs became the pattern to do something with!  Days, the pattern sat with me while I watched t.v., moved into a plastic bag with fabric, pulled out and measured... mulling it over took time!

When I did take the pattern pieces out to start the project, I could not believe my eyes... the Brontosaurus was 32" long... huge!  I then had to look at the fabric I chose to see if I had enough - hahaha.  I did.  Project began.

Want to say how much fun the pattern is. Adding the legs on according to the directions makes for sturdy legs.  On the other hand: the Stegosaurus has a lot of plates to sew into the back and I'm going to make another Brontosaurus before I make another Stegosaurus. Yep.

Cute, eh!

Now, if you fall in love with the pattern and don't think you have a chance of finding the vintage pattern, you're in luck.  Presently, McCalls has a craft pattern much like the original: McCalls #7553. I think it's just missing the Pteranodon. 

 I look forward to seeing the Grand-baby meet the dinosaurs.  They're both about the same size!


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