December 16, 2018

Where Did I Leave Off

Let's see, I was working on a quilt for hubby... similar to the one I made for QuiltsWithLove (quilts for our U.S. Troops), but with the color, Green, woven in.

While making the quilt, a number of layouts were photographed... future quilt ideas.

The last couple of years have been filled with incredible ups and downs... Life.
New family members added and loved ones leaving us.  As our family draws strength from our Faith, we are able to count much of it as blessings.
I lost my twin-sister late this summer... future blog posts will fill in some of my thoughts.  It's a process turning sadness into a 'celebration of life', but I'm getting there.

Though I haven't felt much like creating, I look over my photo albums and I realize that I went to my 'creative' side - often.
A bit of Heaven is always available for our searching hearts.

Christmas is near.
Lots of sewing, baking and planning going on.

Looking forward to a peaceful Christmas.
Wishing the same for all.

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