March 27, 2019

Dinosaurs For The Grand-baby

What a Month and a Half Winter we've had.
December and January was a real treat... not too much in the way of snow.  Traveling across town or even visiting neighboring cities didn't have to be planned according to the weather and street conditions.  Think I visited the fabric stores way too many times this go-around - smiling.

February came in with pow.
Snow, Snow and more Snow. There were two things that kept me busy for those six weeks: snow shoveling and going through old sewing patterns. Let's talk about old sewing patterns...

I have a large tote filled with patterns and then, something-like 6 baskets of focused patterns. The stuffed animals and toys entertained my creativity for days.  The 1983 McCall #2577 I Dig Dinosaurs became the pattern to do something with!  Days, the pattern sat with me while I watched t.v., moved into a plastic bag with fabric, pulled out and measured... mulling it over took time!

When I did take the pattern pieces out to start the project, I could not believe my eyes... the Brontosaurus was 32" long... huge!  I then had to look at the fabric I chose to see if I had enough - hahaha.  I did.  Project began.

Want to say how much fun the pattern is. Adding the legs on according to the directions makes for sturdy legs.  On the other hand: the Stegosaurus has a lot of plates to sew into the back and I'm going to make another Brontosaurus before I make another Stegosaurus. Yep.

Cute, eh!

Now, if you fall in love with the pattern and don't think you have a chance of finding the vintage pattern, you're in luck.  Presently, McCalls has a craft pattern much like the original: McCalls #7553. I think it's just missing the Pteranodon. 

 I look forward to seeing the Grand-baby meet the dinosaurs.  They're both about the same size!


December 16, 2018

Where Did I Leave Off

Let's see, I was working on a quilt for hubby... similar to the one I made for QuiltsWithLove (quilts for our U.S. Troops), but with the color, Green, woven in.

While making the quilt, a number of layouts were photographed... future quilt ideas.

The last couple of years have been filled with incredible ups and downs... Life.
New family members added and loved ones leaving us.  As our family draws strength from our Faith, we are able to count much of it as blessings.
I lost my twin-sister late this summer... future blog posts will fill in some of my thoughts.  It's a process turning sadness into a 'celebration of life', but I'm getting there.

Though I haven't felt much like creating, I look over my photo albums and I realize that I went to my 'creative' side - often.
A bit of Heaven is always available for our searching hearts.

Christmas is near.
Lots of sewing, baking and planning going on.

Looking forward to a peaceful Christmas.
Wishing the same for all.

November 2, 2016

Sew Happy

My blog is calling me.
Let's see if I have any readers still... sorry, it's been another busy year. Many of the home projects that we started got finished.  I have gone through my fabrics and crafts twice now and donated things that I know someone else will enjoy.
I did make an assortment of tablecloths this year... for our home and gift-giving.
The big item is making hubby's 2014 Christmas quilt.  Yes, I said 2014!  The top is nearly finished with just borders to add.  If you go back and look at one of the latest QWL quilt posts, this design was inspired by it... a Nine Patch on Point.

 Originally, I filled a bag with all sorts of prints to go into the quilt, but the more I moved fabrics around, I eliminated all but these three.

Later, I will have to share several layouts with these blocks that I came up with (I photographed them just on the chance I'd forget!).
The layout for this quilt is special in that my daughter shared an idea with rearranging a couple of the blocks and I instantly loved it.

Hubby went to the store with me to choose a fabric to go with these blocks and so this quilt has a true lake cabin look.

Here is a peek at the top-left corner.
The blocks are 15.5"... I started with 5.5" squares for the Nine Patch blocks.
So, the top is assembled and the borders are next: the light print and green.

Also, at the Sewing Chair:
I picked up some Blizzard fleece to make scarves as Christmas gifts.  The girls in the family will get a mobius style scarf.  I found a video tutorial on how to make them - so easy!

I am 'entertained' to say the least when I go shopping for fleece - so many choices!

These just go together so quickly!

Next post will include some scarves for the guys!
I was fortunate to get some Susan Winget fabric panels before the store sold out... Autumn Blessings and a Christmas Santa.  Those will be in next post as well.

Hope you are all good,
Happy Sewing!

March 26, 2016

Spring, with a chance of snow

My favorite time of the year, Spring.

Time to stretch the legs and take to the trails - have a glimpse at what effect Winter had up on the hill and  December re-acquaint ourselves with the views.  December was the month of snowfall. It wasn't here-a-foot/there-a-foot snowfall, instead, it was a constant light fall which was heavy-wet and accumulated much... enough to have to crawl up onto the roof and remove.  We were extremely fortunate where many in the Northwest had tree damage/trees coming down on houses (the high winds that preceded the winter storms were enough to bring down trees all around). Most of the trees in our yard are new (we replaced all the fruit trees) and to keep them from splitting, we were knocking off the ice and snow daily... the work paid off.

Someone has bought the property next to us and has (new) plans for it.
For many years it was the home of our dear neighbors/friends - retired missionaries.  (Radford) passed in 2012 and this January, (Ruby) died.  Strangely enough, she passed during the week their house was being demolished.  We felt a tinge of heartache while watching everything (including the lilac bushes that Radford's grandmother planted) disappear.  It was 3-weeks later that we got a card in the mail about Ruby death - I was only glad that she wasn't brought over to see the property.  So, gone are two very lovely people.  How we enjoyed the stories of how this neighborhood, starting with the home that was built by Radford's dad.  Stories and memories that we hold dear.

Most of all the work that it takes moving and organizing (new and old things) are just about behind me.  Enough is done that I feel comfortable getting out my sewing projects and sitting for awhile.  I'm finding it funny that it's not like diving in and adding beads to a work-in-progress... I'm having to stare at it and tap into the direction I was headed.

Some editing involved - I'm definitely in a 'new space'.

I'll be working on the JessicaSews Fish Charms that were started and then move on to the new design that was drawn out over a year ago.

It's a great motivation to get this bin of fish finished!

I'm surrounded by Japanese silk fabrics... I can't wait to share new foundations.

2015 was filled with several visits with sister and family at the coast.  I'm really looking forward to this year's excursions... let's see if we can top The Blue Angels 2015 show and having the pilots wave to us from the air... zooooooom!

My sister is busy-busy with her arts, flower gardens and knitting... I'm 'wowed' with her creativity.
Just take a look at what arrived in the mail: knitted hats made up in Seattle Seahawks theme.  Thank you, Joy!

I leave you with a wish for a Blessed & Happy Easter!

Here is one of the first blooms!
We've had clouds spitting snow over the last week... I love it!

July 23, 2015


Indeed, it is wonderful.

What's next:
1. I'm all signed up to sell at our local Farmers' Market.
Beyond that... my idea book is filled with inspiration and new ideas from over the last 5 years - it's time to put pen to paper, draw up patterns and fulfill those visions!

October 22, 2014

Many Moons Later

Did you have a nice Spring and Summer?  For those of you who endured the arctic temperatures this winter were probably enjoying as many days outside as possible - as I did. Anything over 50-degrees was an invitation to be on a walk. 

Spring - Our son married the most wonderful young lady.  We are so fortunate and blessed to say that we love Tia (and her amazing family).  It's exciting to imagine their future!

The Tia & Curtis Wedding quilt was finished on my part and then sent to a friend that is now a popular (very talented) long-arm quilter - Cindy Little/Canyon Quilting of Hayden, Idaho, for quilting.  I mentioned only that I was going for Hawaiian flowers on the ocean and gave Cindy creative license to quilt it.  I was ecstatic when I saw the work that she did!

Cindy added ocean waves... so beautiful.

This is the first time that I've had one of my quilts professionally quilted - what a rush to get it back and have it look and feel like a finished quilt!
Add the binding: and it only took a nano-second to ask the person that taught me to sew, to help with the finishing... my mamma.

No hand-sewing... I showed her how we'd get the binding on by sewing it on to the back of the quilt and folding it over to the front - and essentially top-stitching.

Here it is finished... a Modern quilt.

Much of Spring was me getting our home ready for company to arrive for the wedding.  When the weekend arrived we welcomed family from all across the country (some we hadn't seen in 'many moons').  As we look back on the wedding, it seemed as though it was a 3-day celebration.  Loved hearing, "Welcome to the Family" again and again!

Two days after the wedding my hubby and I took a plane ride back to the Midwest.  We were driving through Milwaukee when I got a text from my daughter-in-law's mother wanting to get together and have a good cry...Awwww.... this is the beginning of a great friendship.

April 15, 2014

4 - 14: Blood Moon

Here is a picture from our evening walk - The Blood Moon hadn't risen to it's peak yet.  We stood on the lake shore as others did; watching for the moon to change its appearance... it would be much-much later for a good showing.  **I love how everyone whispers to each other during events like this... so polite and reverent.

Clouds rolling by and I'm using my old phone for picture-taking (!)  Oh well, if the moon was red, we would have gone back for our cameras.  The last I checked the sky was around @11pm - the moon was still a golden hue... like a big flashlight in the sky.
Did you see the Blood Moon? 

April 4, 2014

Home and a little bit about being a FarmGirl

Home is a great word. You mention the word and it immediately evokes feelings and memories. Simply defined as: the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.  Since I split my time between 2 time zones (two homes), I get twice the 'domestic affections' (hope we are talking about sewing/crocheting projects - Ha!).  Our son is getting married and that has me traveling back to the Pacific NW.  Exciting times!  I've got a list of things to do with just enough time to get them done before company shows up.

Travel was good.  Got lucky, the following day there were a number of storms across the country that included tornadoes.

In this shot you can see the dark forest colors of the Pacific NW begin to fill in the landscape.

In the Sewing Room:
I made this quilt-top in one day... the day before the trip!  It's the next quilt for my sister.  I thought it was done until I looked at this picture... it needs a border - just a thin one.

This is my first Length-of-Fabric quilt... the fabric prints called for it!  The smallest piece of the three fabrics was 1 1/2yd... so that became the width for this quilt - which is meant to be a throw-size.

I had cut out more strips than I used, the quilt was becoming too long, so I edited.  Perhaps the extra Purple print will go into the border... my sister does love Purple!

This kind of has a Marrakesh-vibe, I think-I hope.

On Walks:
There is no Polar Vortex here to contend with, so I have already ventured out on some walks... it's so good to be outside and stretching the legs.
There are signs of Spring - flowers are blooming... time to go on a hike and search for Chocolate Lilies.
Question: Have you picked up a copy of the MaryJanesFarm magazine?
My mom did when she was here visiting us during the holidays.  I remember her saying, "You can never take the Farm out of the Girl" (she is a Vermont Farmgirl).  She gave me the magazine as she was leaving and I packed it in my travel bag and read it when I was traveling back East.  Imagine my smiles as I discovered it has local ties!  It's a pretty magazine - filled with everything wholesome, organic and brought back great memories of camping...
As a child, I don't remember ever staying at a hotel, it was always campsite. The annual summer vacation to our favorite state park was the best... the family would pack up all the usual items and just as soon as we'd reach the turn-off from the highway, the truck would pull over, my sister and I would hop in to the back of the truck and ride the bumpy road up the mountain... twists and turns memorized, we'd look for our favorite sights on the way.  And, once the cousins arrived, it was off on trails and finding rocks to climb. The Great Outdoors was our playground while my dad worked for the Forestry, we became familiar with many hiking trails and it was always fun to get to the top of a lookout tower and look for the ocean in the distance... some things never change!

First opportunity, I went for a visit to the MaryJanesFarm store.  Who knows what memories will stirred.

The store is stocked with beautiful bedding and crocheted afghans...
Quilting & Knitting-theme greeting cards did not escape my eye.

MaryJanesFarm Books and Magazines. 
Mary Jane owns a unique Bed & Breakfast - I encourage you to follow the links below and get yourself familiar with Glamp-ing!

Great gifts for every occasion and for every room... and your Glamp-ing Camper!

Located in The Shops across from The Coeur d'Alene Resort. 

MaryJanesFarm links that I found interesting!
The website:

About Mary Jane:                                                                         

Farmgirl Forum: 

MaryJanesFarm on Pinterest:

Enjoy Your Sewing!

March 26, 2014

I was sharing the news of our son getting married to a friend and she had some fun news too... she and her hubby are celebrating their 25th anniversary (around the same time) by renewing their vows.  I wish I could be in 2 places at one time.

This is the table-runner I've made for Elvia and her hubby.
This is 18" wide and width of fabric length with the brown strips sewn in at the 11" point.

Now that it's done and wrapped, I'm thinking I could have stitched flower centers into the doily to make it more flower-like...  make a note!

This is a 1-day project at most... even with a little extra touches.

Imagine doilies as Sunflowers...make a note!

In the News:
Oso/Darrington Landslide (Washington State) -
Nichole Webb Rivera (Quilter, Writer) was just interviewed on the Shepard Smith show... her parents, her daughter and daughter's fiance are missing in the landslide.  How devastating. 
Please keep her and all the victims (families & friends) in your prayers.  

March 24, 2014

Keeping Busy

Finished and in the hands of my parents... I've received one message after another from them - heartfelt thank yous. I feel it.  It's been an emotional roller-coaster (the last 2 years), but we are all here and very grateful for prayers answered (for my sister's health).  We continue to pray for research and cures for the most-devastating health diagnosis'.  There is good reason to hope... 'nothing is impossible'.

If you recall (or read previous posts), this project was started for the family to focus on all our blessings.  The quilt's theme is Keeping Busy... these are activities that my sister and I enjoyed as little girls when our family would go gathering firewood and camping.  In some respects, I haven't changed... I still enjoy the same things (forget the malls).

Here's some of the photos that I took of the wall-hanging in no particular order.  I added RavioLee Dreams hand-dyed laces throughout the quilt to give it an heirloom-effect.

Catching Butterflies, chasing lizards, feeding chipmunks and finding False Gold (never the real stuff)... 

Climbing rocks and sitting under our favorite trees, the Coulter Pine. This is all before Geo-cache days!  Puffy clouds passing by with the help of an easy breeze...

It could have been a tree branch that we imagined was a swing - what can I say, we had great imaginations!

Skipping down dirt roads, picking wildflowers and riding in the back of the old red truck...our minds and hearts are filled with so memories.

Little-girl pink and rich forest-greens play a part in the borders that surround the blocks (that my parents chose).  Embroidery threads from my sister's stash are sewn in to the Twins themselves.  

I encourage anyone to work on a project like this for their family. 
Enjoy Your Sewing!