November 2, 2016

Sew Happy

My blog is calling me.
Let's see if I have any readers still... sorry, it's been another busy year. Many of the home projects that we started got finished.  I have gone through my fabrics and crafts twice now and donated things that I know someone else will enjoy.
I did make an assortment of tablecloths this year... for our home and gift-giving.
The big item is making hubby's 2014 Christmas quilt.  Yes, I said 2014!  The top is nearly finished with just borders to add.  If you go back and look at one of the latest QWL quilt posts, this design was inspired by it... a Nine Patch on Point.

 Originally, I filled a bag with all sorts of prints to go into the quilt, but the more I moved fabrics around, I eliminated all but these three.

Later, I will have to share several layouts with these blocks that I came up with (I photographed them just on the chance I'd forget!).
The layout for this quilt is special in that my daughter shared an idea with rearranging a couple of the blocks and I instantly loved it.

Hubby went to the store with me to choose a fabric to go with these blocks and so this quilt has a true lake cabin look.

Here is a peek at the top-left corner.
The blocks are 15.5"... I started with 5.5" squares for the Nine Patch blocks.
So, the top is assembled and the borders are next: the light print and green.

Also, at the Sewing Chair:
I picked up some Blizzard fleece to make scarves as Christmas gifts.  The girls in the family will get a mobius style scarf.  I found a video tutorial on how to make them - so easy!

I am 'entertained' to say the least when I go shopping for fleece - so many choices!

These just go together so quickly!

Next post will include some scarves for the guys!
I was fortunate to get some Susan Winget fabric panels before the store sold out... Autumn Blessings and a Christmas Santa.  Those will be in next post as well.

Hope you are all good,
Happy Sewing!

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