March 26, 2016

Spring, with a chance of snow

My favorite time of the year, Spring.

Time to stretch the legs and take to the trails - have a glimpse at what effect Winter had up on the hill and  December re-acquaint ourselves with the views.  December was the month of snowfall. It wasn't here-a-foot/there-a-foot snowfall, instead, it was a constant light fall which was heavy-wet and accumulated much... enough to have to crawl up onto the roof and remove.  We were extremely fortunate where many in the Northwest had tree damage/trees coming down on houses (the high winds that preceded the winter storms were enough to bring down trees all around). Most of the trees in our yard are new (we replaced all the fruit trees) and to keep them from splitting, we were knocking off the ice and snow daily... the work paid off.

Someone has bought the property next to us and has (new) plans for it.
For many years it was the home of our dear neighbors/friends - retired missionaries.  (Radford) passed in 2012 and this January, (Ruby) died.  Strangely enough, she passed during the week their house was being demolished.  We felt a tinge of heartache while watching everything (including the lilac bushes that Radford's grandmother planted) disappear.  It was 3-weeks later that we got a card in the mail about Ruby death - I was only glad that she wasn't brought over to see the property.  So, gone are two very lovely people.  How we enjoyed the stories of how this neighborhood, starting with the home that was built by Radford's dad.  Stories and memories that we hold dear.

Most of all the work that it takes moving and organizing (new and old things) are just about behind me.  Enough is done that I feel comfortable getting out my sewing projects and sitting for awhile.  I'm finding it funny that it's not like diving in and adding beads to a work-in-progress... I'm having to stare at it and tap into the direction I was headed.

Some editing involved - I'm definitely in a 'new space'.

I'll be working on the JessicaSews Fish Charms that were started and then move on to the new design that was drawn out over a year ago.

It's a great motivation to get this bin of fish finished!

I'm surrounded by Japanese silk fabrics... I can't wait to share new foundations.

2015 was filled with several visits with sister and family at the coast.  I'm really looking forward to this year's excursions... let's see if we can top The Blue Angels 2015 show and having the pilots wave to us from the air... zooooooom!

My sister is busy-busy with her arts, flower gardens and knitting... I'm 'wowed' with her creativity.
Just take a look at what arrived in the mail: knitted hats made up in Seattle Seahawks theme.  Thank you, Joy!

I leave you with a wish for a Blessed & Happy Easter!

Here is one of the first blooms!
We've had clouds spitting snow over the last week... I love it!

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