April 5, 2014

Home and a little bit about being a FarmGirl

Home is a great word. You mention the word and it immediately evokes feelings and memories. Simply defined as: the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.  Since I split my time between 2 time zones (two homes), I get twice the 'domestic affections' (hope we are talking about sewing/crocheting projects - Ha!).  Our son is getting married and that has me traveling back to the Pacific NW.  Exciting times!  I've got a list of things to do with just enough time to get them done before company shows up.

Travel was good.  Got lucky, the following day there were a number of storms across the country that included tornadoes.

In this shot you can see the dark forest colors of the Pacific NW begin to fill in the landscape.

In the Sewing Room:
I made this quilt-top in one day... the day before the trip!  It's the next quilt for my sister.  I thought it was done until I looked at this picture... it needs a border - just a thin one.

This is my first Length-of-Fabric quilt... the fabric prints called for it!  The smallest piece of the three fabrics was 1 1/2yd... so that became the width for this quilt - which is meant to be a throw-size.

I had cut out more strips than I used, the quilt was becoming too long, so I edited.  Perhaps the extra Purple print will go into the border... my sister does love Purple!

This kind of has a Marrakesh-vibe, I think-I hope.

On Walks:
There is no Polar Vortex here to contend with, so I have already ventured out on some walks... it's so good to be outside and stretching the legs.
There are signs of Spring - flowers are blooming... time to go on a hike and search for Chocolate Lilies.
Question: Have you picked up a copy of the MaryJanesFarm magazine?
My mom did when she was here visiting us during the holidays.  I remember her saying, "You can never take the Farm out of the Girl" (she is a Vermont Farmgirl).  She gave me the magazine as she was leaving and I packed it in my travel bag and read it when I was traveling back East.  Imagine my smiles as I discovered it has local ties!  It's a pretty magazine - filled with everything wholesome, organic and brought back great memories of camping...
As a child, I don't remember ever staying at a hotel, it was always campsite. The annual summer vacation to our favorite state park was the best... the family would pack up all the usual items and just as soon as we'd reach the turn-off from the highway, the truck would pull over, my sister and I would hop in to the back of the truck and ride the bumpy road up the mountain... twists and turns memorized, we'd look for our favorite sights on the way.  And, once the cousins arrived, it was off on trails and finding rocks to climb. The Great Outdoors was our playground while my dad worked for the Forestry, we became familiar with many hiking trails and it was always fun to get to the top of a lookout tower and look for the ocean in the distance... some things never change!

First opportunity, I went for a visit to the MaryJanesFarm store.  Who knows what memories will stirred.

The store is stocked with beautiful bedding and crocheted afghans...
Quilting & Knitting-theme greeting cards did not escape my eye.

MaryJanesFarm Books and Magazines. 
Mary Jane owns a unique Bed & Breakfast - I encourage you to follow the links below and get yourself familiar with Glamp-ing!

Great gifts for every occasion and for every room... and your Glamp-ing Camper!

Located in The Shops across from The Coeur d'Alene Resort. 

MaryJanesFarm links that I found interesting!
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Enjoy Your Sewing!

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  1. Welcome back! Have a wonderful wedding, too. I hope the weather cooperates while you're here....


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