March 26, 2014

I was sharing the news of our son getting married to a friend and she had some fun news too... she and her hubby are celebrating their 25th anniversary (around the same time) by renewing their vows.  I wish I could be in 2 places at one time.

This is the table-runner I've made for Elvia and her hubby.
This is 18" wide and width of fabric length with the brown strips sewn in at the 11" point.

Now that it's done and wrapped, I'm thinking I could have stitched flower centers into the doily to make it more flower-like...  make a note!

This is a 1-day project at most... even with a little extra touches.

Imagine doilies as Sunflowers...make a note!

In the News:
Oso/Darrington Landslide (Washington State) -
Nichole Webb Rivera (Quilter, Writer) was just interviewed on the Shepard Smith show... her parents, her daughter and daughter's fiance are missing in the landslide.  How devastating. 
Please keep her and all the victims (families & friends) in your prayers.  


  1. Love that table runner, Jess! Our papers are full of news about this awful tragedy. Very very sad.

  2. Thank you, Judy. The prints with Turquoise are plenty lately... I love them all.

    Keeping the Pacific NW in my prayers.


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