March 24, 2014

Keeping Busy

Finished and in the hands of my parents... I've received one message after another from them - heartfelt thank yous. I feel it.  It's been an emotional roller-coaster (the last 2 years), but we are all here and very grateful for prayers answered (for my sister's health).  We continue to pray for research and cures for the most-devastating health diagnosis'.  There is good reason to hope... 'nothing is impossible'.

If you recall (or read previous posts), this project was started for the family to focus on all our blessings.  The quilt's theme is Keeping Busy... these are activities that my sister and I enjoyed as little girls when our family would go gathering firewood and camping.  In some respects, I haven't changed... I still enjoy the same things (forget the malls).

Here's some of the photos that I took of the wall-hanging in no particular order.  I added RavioLee Dreams hand-dyed laces throughout the quilt to give it an heirloom-effect.

Catching Butterflies, chasing lizards, feeding chipmunks and finding False Gold (never the real stuff)... 

Climbing rocks and sitting under our favorite trees, the Coulter Pine. This is all before Geo-cache days!  Puffy clouds passing by with the help of an easy breeze...

It could have been a tree branch that we imagined was a swing - what can I say, we had great imaginations!

Skipping down dirt roads, picking wildflowers and riding in the back of the old red truck...our minds and hearts are filled with so memories.

Little-girl pink and rich forest-greens play a part in the borders that surround the blocks (that my parents chose).  Embroidery threads from my sister's stash are sewn in to the Twins themselves.  

I encourage anyone to work on a project like this for their family. 
Enjoy Your Sewing!


  1. No wonder they loved it! It's beautiful!

  2. Thank you.
    It was all love! I almost turned it into a CQ project, this was only supposed to be an embellished embroidery project... perhaps it was all the emotions involved. :)

  3. SO happy to see that you finished this as I remember when you were first starting out - it turned out FANTABULOUS!!! Love it!!!


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