March 19, 2014

I ♥ Spring

With renewed interest in my pattern for the Phone Pouch, I've decided to update the pattern and make a tutorial for everyone. Yes, let's celebrate the fact that (most) of the Winter is behind us!
By the way: It's snowing considerably as I write!

Here is what you're making... a pouch that will fit a small phone or electronic device.
As a holder, there is no limit to the uses.

Step 1.  Make the pattern.  If you don't have legal-size paper, then tape 2-pieces together...

Step 2. Draw out the pattern.
It measures 13 1/4" in length.  The top edge is 4" wide and the bottom edge is 3 3/4".

(I like nothing better than a pdf, so I'll get the pattern scanned and put all of this tutorial into a pdf form.)

The notch is something that I designed so that I could get my finger/or thumb into the pouch... sure makes it easier to grab whatever it is that you put in there!

Cut-out at the top of pattern is 1 1/4" deep and there is 1 1/4" to each side of the notch

This is how I make it easier to navigate around the cut-out...

At the bottom of the pattern I want to you do one more cut... it makes the flap a little more narrow.

On the bottom edge, I want you to measure 1/8" in from the Left and mark it... do the same from the Right side.
You will draw a diagonal line from the 2nd Fold Line to the mark.

Cut on those diagonal lines to create a tapered Flap.

Step 3. Cutting your fabric
Use any Cotton or Cotton blend (directional fabric is an issue since the Flap folds over onto itself , but you can get around that by piecing the flap... where there's a will there's a way!)
1 piece for Outside
1 piece for Lining
1 piece of Batting
*Fabrics should be facing each other when cutting out pattern.

This is a great pattern for those Fat Quarters just sitting around!

Step 4.
Layer fabric (facing each other) on top of batting and sew around edge, leaving an opening on side to turn inside out.

Clip all those corners to remove excess bulk.

Step 5.
Now that it's turned right side out, top-stitch around edge.

Step 6.
Fold front of pouch at 5" line.

I sew across the Fold Line to make it 'crisper.

Pattern is made to make a slight 'pouch'... so, line up the sides to sew.

Step 7.
Add Velcro for closure.  I use the Velcro dots and add a bit of Fabric glue for 'hold'.  If you do as I do with the Fabric glue, please be sure you are not going to try to move the Velcro... it's nearly impossible to do!

Now, let's talk about Options!
The top fabric is your 'playground'.  You might want to use up scraps and do a Strings, Braid or Crazy-Quilting top.

I've made all the versions - you can look through my blog posts for inspiration (I've labeled them as phone cases).  You can quilt your top by taking the top fabric and batting and quilting to your heart's content and then finish according to the directions.   The only problem I ran into was adding beads too close to the seam... you can't sew over them!

I have one request: Please use this pattern for gift-giving only. 

I look forward to hearing from you... make your phone pouch and link it here if you'd like!  Have a Happy ♥ Spring!

Enjoy Your Sewing!

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