December 7, 2013

Merry and Bright

I'm busy sewing up pretty gifts (nearly finished with one) and what do I do...  I start another one.

Oh,what better way to send a Christmas greeting.
Merry Christmas!
Prayers for all of your travels, be safe and enjoy being with the ones you love.

I'm early with this message as we travel this week to watch our youngest daughter graduate.  Going to spend the Christmas vacation with family!

The plans are to get crazy with decorating little cakes this year. Several stores carried the cutest cake molds and what started with one Christmas Tree mold, quickly turned into a collection.

Here's how the story goes... I'm in Jo-Ann store to pick up some cotton batting - it's crowded and I take a detour through the baking aisle.  I see this mini trees cupcake mold and swear up and down that it is the cutest thing ever, but I don't buy it because I'm following my rule... Go in and get what you need - Do Not Get Distracted!

I put the mold down. But, a week goes by and I'm still thinking about it. I decide that the next time I'm in the store, I will buy it!

You can guess the obvious: I return and the item is sold out.
Curses... we should know better by now!  I didn't go out empty-handed though.  This Snowflake pan was cute and on sale.  

As I was in town, I meandered into the baking aisles of other stores.
Wouldn't you?!

Well, look what I found... Gingerbread Houses.

I sent pictures to the family and they were thrilled.  We began making plans for a decorating party!

You know you're obsessed when you are traveling down the highway and see a Jo-Ann store from the road and scream, 'Take the next exit"!

Choo-Choo Trains! 

That's enough for a party, right?
For the normal person, maybe.
But, I know where there is another Jo-Ann Fabric store... and, guess what?
They had 3-Christmas Tree molds on the shelf... WhoooooHooo!
Mine, Mine, Mine.
I'll take lots of pictures.

Pattern: Jeweled Forest (In-Progress)
McCalls Quilting Holiday Issue 2009


  1. Have fun with your family! It sounds like you're going to do a lot of baking?!

  2. Did you have your baking party? Love the tree quilt...and where are you using the other colored trees I see in the background with your molds....very cute.

    1. Hi Kathy!
      We had a great Baking party. The baking molds worked so great and now I'm hooked on them... what will they come up with next! It was a great activity bring us all together and listen to the latest news from the kids as well as hearing stories from the grandparents. So much fun.

      I'm finishing up the colored trees wall-hanging. The border totally slowed me down... I ended up putting it down to work on something else. So bright and cheery!


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