November 18, 2013

The Gales of November or Something Like It.

It's Fall, going into Winter, so says the stormy skies.  Yesterday was a bad day for the Midwest... tornadoes tearing homes apart.  My prayers are with the victims.
State Parks are now closed and nearby hiking trails are overtaken by Deer-hunters... thought something was up as hubby an I began to park and everyone around us was dressed in Orange vests and carrying a rifle!  We were not wearing a stick of Orange, so we turned around and said to ourselves, "looks like it's the stationary bike for awhile".   The bike is in front of a window that looks out on to Lake Michigan... there is a small flock of White Swans that capture my eye.

From the Sewing Chair...

Some pretty place-mats that I sewed up for my sister to give as gifts.  These sets are for the guys.
Fabrics found on the Jo-Ann website.

This one is called: At Port Side

A smaller mat for the parents (and in-laws).  I figure these are more convenient size for the coffee table area .

Size: 10"x11"

Perhaps when you click on the picture below you'll be able to see the true color of the prints.  I thought they were great for Christmas, but all-year as well.

Folded triangles sewn into the corners for durability.

Sometimes the fabric is really hard to photograph!  Last attempt here...

Something from the UFO List...

Jeweled Forest Wall-hanging. 

I got these little blocks out of the zip-lock bag for the last time!  Chose two greens for sashes... going for depth and interest.

I'm cutting strips from Purple prints for the next border and then the outer border will be like the pattern shown in the magazine...
Pretty excited about getting this one done.

Pattern from: McCall's Quilting Holiday Issue (2009)

Hope You are Enjoying Your Sewing.


  1. Good to see your post! Love the mats. Did you put any batting in them? Like your Jeweled forest also.

    1. Hi Judy!
      Yes, I used Cotton batting.
      I want to make a stack of coasters... I bought a vinyl tablecloth with felt backing to use as the 'batting'. Thought that the vinyl would help keep the moisture from making its way through to the table. Whatcha think?!

      Working on the outer border of the Jeweled Forest wall-hanging... taking longer than I thought!!


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