February 11, 2013

Fleece, Keep Me Warm

Dear Friends, I am well.
Hubby and I spent a super-wonderful visit with our kids for the holidays and upon returning to the Great Lakes, I came down with the Flu.  I am told that the Flu could-a been worse without the Flu shot... let's just say I'll take (their) word for it - it was bad enough.  After being 'out of it'  for a month and losing all my productivity, don't be surprised to see me now, more than ever, advocating the 'Stay at home if you're sick' motto - I won't think twice about handing out disposable masks to those coughing their heads off (especially if I'm on a 4-hour flight).
Enough said about that.

There was a lot of sewing going on in December; I learned how to make a Notebook Cover (for a Composition Book) during a Friday PJ Party on the HGTV Quilting Forum.  AngelaC taught her first class and did a splendid job with instructions and inspiration.   I had fun making several of these as gifts.

I made gifts for the Kid's dogs: Diva Jackets
I wish I had a photo of all three dogs together - maybe the kids can send me one while they are on a walk.

This print is fun and showy.  Funny that the jackets for the larger dogs look like saddles.

January through March is our 2013 QuiltsWithLove Quilt-top and/or 12.5" Quilt Blocks Challenge.  My Quilt Buddy from Nevada and I have once again combined our fabrics to make tops and blocks.  (QWL provides quilts to our U.S. soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq)

This quilt-top was mentioned in a previous post - it's now finished and ready to mail

Here is the second quilt-top.  I'm calling it Nine Blocks on Point.  I will also mention that this top got more compliments from my hubby - loves the colors and loves the design.  I've promised to make a quilt just like this for him.

Let's talk about the weather, shall we?
The temperatures have been all over the place, and I don't mean cold - warm - cold.  I'm talking about freezing cold temperatures (-25 wind chills).  Good weather for quilting, but while sitting and working, one can still feel cold.  Several years back, I made a stack of mini scarves - I'll post a picture here so that you don't have to go back through old blog posts to find it.  It's made from leftover Waffle Fleece and about 32" long with a crocheted edge.  This was the first time using the sewing machine for an embroidery design, my attempts with hand-embroidery on this fleece was getting me nowhere - I've got more embroidery ideas now that I've tried the machine.

Fleece seems to warm up quickly AND seems to hold the heat - so well, that I have to take it off after a short time.  Good stuff.

One other area that I have problems keeping warm along with a solution -
My hands and wrists get cold and while I love wearing fingerless gloves, sometimes I don't need the bulk especially when I'm embroidering.  Introducing the Fleece Wrist Cuff  (a wrist warmer).  This is great for wearing under sweaters sleeves that have lost their form through washing or perhaps the sweatshirt that the sleeves are too short.

Looking through my stack of leftover fleece, I chose a few bright colors.  Fleece has some give, so I'm forgoing Velcro and button closures and making these Pull-on cuffs.

Looking good under the baggy sweater sleeve!

As you can see, this cuff is just a tad-bit short for what I'm wearing, so I made another set, only longer.

The first set is as follows:  My wrists measure just over 6". 
I started with (2) 9"x 7" pieces of Fleece.  
9" is the height measurement that gets folded in half.
7" is the length measurement.  (Measure your wrist and add approximately 1" - it depends on the stretch of the fleece that you are working with)

1. Fold the 9" in half, right sides together and sew along the long seam.  I used a zig-zag stitch and 1/4" seam.  

 2. You now have a tube.
Sew the ends of the tube together, right-side together - leaving an opening for turning right-side out.

3.  Sew closed the opening and flip the seam to the inside of the cuff.

It's up to you if you want that inside seam running in the center ( see the bulge in the center of the cuff?), or if you want to finger-roll the seam to be the cuff edge.  I prefer having the seam at the edge.
Besides daytime wear, this works with lounge-wear too.  I tried it under my robe sleeve and it fit great.

The second set that I made is a longer cuff (preferred).
I cut (2) pieces of fleece at 11" x 7". 

Here is Step 1: Fold the height (11") and sew along the long seam.

Here is is sewn up and in use.

I don't know if our wrists work as a temperature gauge, but I do know that when covered like this... I am warmer.  *insert a smile here*  Along with the necessary cold weather accessories that get packed for road trips... these Fleece Cuffs are a definite must!

Now, what if you are thinking along the lines of gift-giving and you want to dress these up - I've got an idea for you.  You can add a little or a lot to the cuffs.  As long as you don't upset the 'stretchability', you can applique or embroider to your own whimsy!

 Choosing Felt for applique...

Besides a couple small pieces of Felt, I also cut out a piece of the same fleece that is used for the cuff - I knew it had a little give to it.   Note: You only need to embellish the front of the cuff, so that means you are going to just work with half of the 'height'. 

I folded and basted the cuff in order to work in one section.  This small amount of applique does not hinder the sewing that comes later or turning right-side out step.

Ready to give as a gift...

But, that's not all...!
Homemade Cuffs sewn on to store-bought mittens.

Note:  If you decide to try this:  Be sure to wear eye protection as there is a lot of stretch and stress to the mittens as you sew - you don't want Pins or Needles flying at you.

Happy New Year!  ..Enjoy Your Sewing..


  1. Jessica, I love your cuffs. A fantastic idea to add them to gloves too and sew cute to boot!

  2. I didn't realize all these projects were in one post. I thought I had went down 2 post so had to come back and leave a second comment on all the other great things you have made. WOW, you have been busy. The dog jackets are just darling and they did look like saddles when I first seen them,lol. The crocheted scarf is very pretty. You did a great job on the notebook covers. I hated hearing that you had come down with the flu. But happy that you got to spend some time with your children. I've only had the flu once and hope I never ever have it again. I just don't know if I could survive it now that I'm much older. Good thing you had taken the flu shot. I do my best to stay right here at home as much as possible during flu season. I actually do grocery shopping for a whole month just so I don't have to go out every week. It's been such a long time since I have blogged it's gonna take me some time to catch up on everyone. I definitely want to go back and see what all I've missed. Glad you are feeling better!

    1. Thank you, Donna! Feeling so much better. I rarely get sick myself and thankfully I got through it with lots of homemade soup and tea. Whew!

      I feel like I'm hurrying to get all the 'promised' projects done and mailed out. Trying to let the month of January go! All I can do is work to get back to a groove which includes getting on the stationary bike and building up some endurance.

      I like the idea of not going to the store so often. :)
      Stay warm and safe. Blog when you can (I say)!

  3. Sure do like the way that quilt top came out, Jes. Looks real good. Like the second one you have going, also.

    Thanks for the wrist cuff tutorial. I'll probably make a couple for the GD.

    Glad you are back and up and running better; looking forward to your new projects.

    Can't seem to find a signature for me, but you know who it is, right? lolllll

    1. Thank you for visiting, Paus!
      I look forward to seeing what you sew for your GD. With all the fleece choices now, the possibilities are great! I even think Fleece Fringe edges would be something that your GD would like... There's a number of wrist warmers (I looked them up today) that have the button closures which would allow you to do more detail work on the edges without compromising the length.

  4. Catching up on your blog. Hope you're all better now! Love those quilts and the doggie coats!!!

    1. I'm doing much better - thank you.
      It's been a crazy Winter - so cold and so windy. I'm ready for a trip to the Pacific Northwest!

      I've got some more sewing projects to share - just finishing them up. Feels good to be playing with fabric again. :)

  5. Jessica, thanks for your visit to Mixed Media Artist! I hope you'll be updating soon with lots of fun new projects...love the doggie coat!!

    1. Love your blog, Cyndi! Can't wait to hop over and visit more of your posts. I'm going through all the pictures that I took over the last 4-months... a lot of it had to do with remodeling, but along the way, I found plenty of art inspiration. :)
      Have a happy & safe 4th of July!


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