December 18, 2012

You and Me

Friday, December 14th: I was moving from room to room working on Christmas sewing projects.  There was a Dove dove quilt (seen on Pinterest) and as hard as I tried to locate it, I came up with nothing.  I decided to use what I remember seeing as inspiration and get a Christmas Trio mini started.

Using a dove template a Quilt World magazine and a table-mat pattern from Quilting Celebrations by Patrick Lose, I began the sewing progress.

It wasn't long into the morning when we learned that there had been a shooting at an elementary school.  America was about to hear the worst news ever...
Speaking as a mother, it became difficult to continue my day as normal.... I stopped and prayed.

Dear God, Too many stories of shootings.
May those who feel that they are Broken Spirits find HELP before it comes to a "share my pain" moment.   May they find the Peace and Strength beyond the 'chaos' of those thoughts.  May we take the time to care for each other.    This is my prayer... Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

I'm absolutely heartbroken.
The Christmas Trio and Dove Table-mat projects will get done, later.  As I gazed at the dove templates through the tears, they took on a new meaning - a caring quilt banner idea was formed.

I sewed together a few muted prints for a background along with some light fabric for 'bits of light'.  I'll place the dove appliques in a soaring manner and then embroider around them.  Here's a photo of the beginning of the project which will take some time to finish.  

God Bless the First Responders, the law enforcement, the medical teams, clergy and volunteers that have seen to the victims and their families.   

Dove appliques... in the making.

May God comfort these families (including all those that have suffered in similar tragedies) in Ways that we cannot.  We are sending up our Prayers.

Dove template is from the book, Country Christmas Quilting and also on the website:
Quilter's World.

Lovely scalloped table-topper pattern is from the magazine, Quilting Celebrations:
 Quilting Celebrations

The Prayer Flag Project (blog):  The Prayer Flag Project

Templates seen in this post -
Reindeer and Stars template is from the book, American Country Christmas, Book 4.
Christmas Tree template is from the book, Better Homes and Gardens Christmas from the Heart.

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