December 22, 2012

A Scrappy Christmas Wall-hanging is finally Finished.

I started this project (around 2006) using a Santa applique pattern from the book, Quick Country Christmas by Debbie Mumm.  I might have been thinking about doing a small wall-hanging or pillow; it's been so long now I don't remember 'the plan' - sorry Debbie, I meant to get this done quickly!  When I wanted to match up a particular navy blue to the fabric print in the inner border, the project came to a halt, put away and eventually forgotten.  

Last Christmas, I went through boxes in storage and found several small unfinished projects - brought them back with me and worked on them throughout the year.  When I found some fabric that was going to be used in a quilt for a soldier, I discovered the dark blue piece was a perfect match for the striped print.. which is funny because I was so close to replacing that striped border...

The center is on a piece of Christmas fleece which I thought was good contrast for Santa and also gave a feeling of a brightly-lit night sky.  I played with a bit of embroidery, adding falling snow and a snowdrift... Finishing touches for a 'Vintage Christmas' theme: lace sewn into the binding and buttons sewn on around the borders.


Finished Size:  22" x 36" 

The quilt was rolled up into my luggage for the plane ride home along with the Stormin' Norman wall-hanging and Fall Symphony table-runner - everyone excited about being together for the holidays. Storm Draco interrupted our flight plans to get home early, then we incurred a 3-day delay - not due to weather, but due to the airline over-booking our flight - no sense of priority for those that booked way in advance... just sayin'.

While I was in town, my daughters put the quilt up in the hallway and as soon as I returned and noticed it, there was a knock on the door - it was my friend/neighbor, Moria, with Christmas 'goodies'.   I wanted to show her the quilt because the striped print fabric came from her!  
I was telling Moria how interesting that the colors in the striped print are very similar to the wooden decorations that we bought - sort of a blond wood (color).   Well, enough of matching blues and blonds... 

               ~ Merry Christmas and I'm wishing everyone a peaceful New Year ~

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