October 15, 2012

A Pretty Something for Fall... before it Snows.

How are all my Quilt-y Friends?  If you answer something like,"it's been busy" -  I'm with you.  Where does the time go!  I do hope that your last days of summer  have been enjoyed - it seems we (the Midwest) got a couple extra weeks of good weather.  We took the opportunity to explore a few new hiking trails.

This is the Sugar Loaf Mountain trail.  A popular spot as we found out when it came to looking for a parking space!  Personally, I love seeing people on the trails... it's fun hearing everyone enjoying themselves.

We chose the 'difficult' trail which goes straight up the side of the mountain.  Once you get toward the top, the easy trail merges and there are a series of stairs to the top.

The Fall colors are so pretty...

This is one of the overlooks (we haven't reached the top yet).

The end of the trail is within sight.

Lake Superior.

The temperatures have cooled and the winds have picked up, but you wouldn't know it from this picture... just looks so peaceful.  It was worth the climb!

I have lots of Fall quilting magazines -  I've been collecting them over the years... the ultimate goal is to make a quilt using various pumpkin appliques.  I don't need new magazines, but I did take notice of a lot of excellent ideas from this year's Fall editions... so, I bought two (I narrowed it down from six -  they are that good!).

My first project is Fall Symphony by Jane Spolar (pattern in Quilt Trends Fall 2012).  I think it was the purple added into the pattern that captured my heart.... this has the look of Fall, but also a holiday feel to it.

Jane machine-quilted hers... I've chosen to hand-stitch the appliques.

The variegated thread is perfect for the leaves.

What looked like a beige tonal in the store, didn't look the same when I got it home.
Just call me Grumpy!  Shopping for new fabric is out of the question - I have to make this work.

I rummaged through my stash (burning a lot of calories, I'm sure) and found 3 fabrics - auditioned them as background material and none of them were great... alone. Together, they're great!  Well then... what about a blended background?  Nothing says no... on we go!

Fabrics were cut down from strips into small rectangles and arranged like so...

Readying the background for applique: fusing table-runner top to batting and some light hand-quilting.

Background Colors: Light Gold, White, Beige and Copper

A slight variation of the leaf layout so that the gold leaves don't take over, and since there is more going on in the background, I chose to go with one color with the accent pieces...

Working away on the hand-quilting, and then it's time to add the borders.

Hey!  I briefly considered a dark piece for the background when I was rummaging through fabrics... wouldn't that be pretty?

... here we are, just before the runner gets its binding.

Thought you'd like to see the fabric (a tapestry) for the back...

The pattern calls for the red fabric to be on the edge and I cut out the strips to do it, but then I looked at the dark green fabric and wondered... after calling on some friends to give their opinion, we are all in agreement!  The dark green fabric will allow the center of the quilt to stand out.

 Here it is, the Fall Symphony table-runner, all finished.  I feel like I worked on a piece of art... it's so colorful.  Cheery, definitely.

A sign that I'm planning on making a pattern again is to slip the magazine and all the templates into a large zip-loc bag... and, that's just what I did!  As I mentioned above, I can easily picture this pattern done on a dark indigo background.

I'm celebrating a Birthday!  I look forward to this time of the year because we (my sister and our families) celebrate it with an annual trip to the apple orchards and enjoy an apple dumpling, the craft fair and all the Fall festivities.   While we couldn't be together this year - my sister and I compared notes and found that we did pretty-much the same thing... enjoyed a pretty drive in the countryside!

This pretty flower arrangement arrived (from my in-laws) - the colors are a close match to the Fall table-runner project.

Here is the second magazine which has a mix of patterns - great gifts ideas!

I have to finish the Fall table-runner  before I begin anything new, but I have highlighted some projects that can be made up for events between now and the holidays:  Wise Owl Pincushion, Hostess Wine Bag(sparkling cider in our case), Artful Blooms table-runner, Toy Car Caddy, Clambake Quilt and more.

Temperatures are now described as 'Crisp'. Time to bring out the long-sleeves.

Flowers from my hubby, they bear a striking resemblance to the changing sky.

I'm posting large photos of the flowers for your enjoyment. 

At the Sewing Table:
* Doggie Jackets (for friend, Bonnie's Alternative Pet Rescue organization)

* Mug Rugs for Friends
* Fall place-mat gifted to me - just need to add the binding
* Use the Lighthouse fabric bought for a tablecloth
* Prayer Flags (several in the making)

* Adding the border to this QWL (Quilts With Love) quilt-top...

On the Back Burner - JessicaSews Designs:
* Doll pattern
* Peacock Softie
* Quilt Patterns

Projects for Christmas Gifts:
* Red Brolly's Tea Mug Bag for the Ladies
Check out the pretty pattern at:  Red Brolly Sew Chic Butterfly Mug Bag

Whenever I feel whimsy:
* JessicaSews Fish Charms
* Sunbonnet Twins quilt project

Take a look at the photo my son recently sent me via his phone.  

Haha! Note taken...*smiling*
I see that he 'stopped' at a quilt table while enjoying the Fall Festivities... I brought him up right!

Enjoy Your Sewing!

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