August 3, 2012

Miss Kathy... a Pretty Fish Charm

I have a list of things to catch up on; yes, it's true that I left the Sewing Room with lots of projects 'hanging' (I'm so funny)!  Finished, is Miss Kathy.

This Fish Charm is headed to Pennsylvania, to a friend that sent me some wonderful pieces of fabrics and CQ Goodies when I first took up Crazy Quilting (I hope she is still finds time to Crazy-Quilt).  I set aside a certain piece of fabric that had an interesting design - I could interpret it as fish scales.  Then, I waited until I came across a coordinating piece... the solid pink silk works!

Many of the little beads and goodies on the Fish Charm, came from Kathy as well (saved them too!)... it might be hard to see the clear butterflies, but they are there!
(the butterfly is a sign of Hope).

Another detail that I'd like to point out, is the beautiful Shibori Girl Silk, used for the fins... too pretty for words!

I get to enjoy this Fish Charm for a short moment while I get the mailing package ready!

  Love it!

Kathy's Blog:Kathy's Crazy Moments
Shibori Girl Studio: Shibori GIrl Studios


  1. Jess, I love this fish so much! you are one talented woman. I love seeing all your new amazing creations. I love how your mind works, I think it is similar to mine sometimes (: I love the fish you sent me. Even the one that took 3 years to make its way to me, but it did and I love it. They are swimming here in my room and when I look at them I think of your kindness and thank God that you have been in my life even though we have never meet. I feel like I know you though, I feel a connection with you and your family. Thanks for all you have sent me over the years. I know you have a great ministry to others through your creations. Keep on crafting!!!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! You know we (our family) loves you and wishes you the very best in health & happiness!

      I want to see you continue your quilting and cooking! You are very talented. I love your quilts, they are a mix of beautiful colors and fabrics. I'm not surprised knowing that you have such a love for nature... endless inspiration!


  2. Hi Jess, Greetings from the PNW! I just saw your beautiful fish on Kathy's blog and realized it's been ages since I looked at your blog. How's your sis doing? Good, I hope. So nice that you could spend some time with her, and I know she must have appreciated it immensely. Have a nice Labor Day!

  3. Hi Judy! Oh, thank you for the PNW greeting!

    We are all doing good.
    Sis is living her miracle... Yaaaaay! She has been taking walks, enjoyed a Fair and some visits to local art galleries... Yaaaaaay! We are happy.

    I'm back in the Great Lakes area and taking lots of pictures (of Milwaukee). Really taken with the shoreline, the downtown area and Riverwalk. I visited the shoreline last year, but this time we were able to take in more. We took a trip to Mackinac Island during the hotel's birthday celebration and had so much fun seeing neighborhoods and a whole other part of town! I should post that for people that haven't been there. Are you traveling this way this year? ((HUGS))

  4. Love this gorgeous fish too!!I would be making one for myself too I think!

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