July 27, 2012

The Prayer Flag Project

If you haven't already heard about The Prayer Flag Project, then I'm happy to to bring this to you...

I came across a beautiful article, Prayer Flag Project on a Mission of Hope by Jane LaFazio in the Cloth*Paper Scissors magazine; I was emotionally-touched and inspired.
Because these Prayer Flags are much like a Tibetan Prayer Flag, my thoughts went back to a project that I aided in, years ago with a Youth Group.  At the time, my daughter was the Youth Minister and the group had decided to make the flags for a fund-raiser.  The kids learned about the history of the flags and the meaning of each color.  This project ended up being a catalyst to  my sewing business, but maybe more importantly... my meeting wonderful people in the Fabric Arts field. 

(March/April 2012)

The Prayer Flag project began with Vivika Hansen DeNegre in 2011 - then she invited the world to join her in making a Prayer Flag using our own style, materials on-hand and sentiment.

I am so moved by the simplicity of the flags and the strength behind the words.

My first try at making a flag (theme is Healing) - it's turned out more tidy than I had planned, I think it's due to the border, but tat he time, I didn't have the confidence to leave off the border!   Now, I see how I could have sewn around the edge and allowed the fabrics to fray "as they will"... this is me learning.

The fabrics are rather special: I used left-over fabrics from the most recent Traveling Turtle, a 'chemo hug' shawl and a piece of pink silk. I choose the French Braid pattern to bring it all together.

If you click on the picture, you'll see how well the hand-dyed laces (RavioLee Dreams) blended in.

My 2nd Flag...

This also is a (Healing) flag.  The back story is that my family was great about me being away for such a long visit with my sister.  While I was with her, I came across a song by Matt Vrba, "Time Well Spent:... the chorus is very catchy and I think I've hummed it for everyone!  We've since referred to my visit as 'Time Well Spent'... each and every day was special and amounted to a lot of healing.

Materials include in this flag: a muslin foundation, applique using the same fabrics as the first flag. laces from RavioLee Dreams and charms. The pink silk was added to 'flow' behind the flag like a scarf. 

Here's an invitation to visit The Prayer Flag Project blog -  The Prayer Flag Project

Perhaps, you will be inspired to make one yourself!


  1. Those look so amazing Jess. I love how your creative mind works, you are a talented woman who does some amazing projects. I know that while I had been going through my hard times you were one of my biggest supporters and I think by that and God I am alive today. You have showed so much compassion for a person you have never even met. That is a big step in faith. Thanks for everything you have done for me during this journey of mine you will never know how much I appreciate it. I hope we will be able to meet face to face someday you I can give you a huge hug and thank you to you and your wonderful family.

  2. Hello Jessica.I'm a new Follower, and I have made a link to your blog if that's ok as I have just started to make prayer flags too. I am hoping to go in a swap soon, but in the meantime, I'm doing a swap with a friend. I love the idea of the flags. I missed that edition of the mag.I'm not sure why.
    If you go to my blog and you like what you see, would you like to do a swap with me. These look nice to swap esp as overseas postage can get a bit steep.These are nice and light, and really encourage creative expression.

    1. Thank you so much Judy! I've visited your 'beautiful' blog via Nickilee's Raviolee Dreams blog... I've done plenty of oooooing and ahhhhhhhing!
      Am I interested in swapping a Prayer Flag...Yes! Oh, definitely! I have a few projects to catch up on, but if I can work at my own pace, I will have something worthy of trading! *smiles*

      I'm honored that you will be following this blog! I will do the same with yours! It will be fun getting to know you!


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