June 2, 2012

Morla... the 2012 Traveling Turtle

Here she is, the latest turtle pincushion. The name, Morla, comes from the movie, The Neverending Story: a movie that my kids watched over and over!  As soon as I put the face of this turtle together, it had "Morla" written all over it.

The fabrics for the turtle are a combination of remnant finds from all across the country - funny that they should go so well together!  This time I followed Joanne's original pattern more closely, so the look is different from the previous turtles... personally, this is my favorite one.
Here is the link to the Turtle Pincushion: Craftpassion: New plan for turtle pattern

I read that when someone is going through difficult times that a "spiritual mailbox" is a nice thing to have... a place to write down and stash a little prayer, thought or word.  I picked out this little bamboo box because of it's natural qualities... this went along with the gift of the turtle.

I've made the other turtles while across the country, taking pictures as I travel, so this turtle is special in nature as I made it in my sister's company, and when I gave it to her, there was an assignment... "Go enjoy yourself and be sure to take pictures"!   Two months is a long time to be away from my family, but we agreed as a family, that it was necessary... "go and be with your sister", my hubby says!  All in all, the timing was perfect... I was with her before receiving good health news and afterward - there's a lot of ups and downs and I feel I was able to help her to find the middle-ground: her "Center".  ... she's had a lot to process and all the while the task of moving forward...

Processing and Moving Forward: Easily said, not easily done.  It takes a lot of Work, Courage and Faith (not to mention caring and sometimes silly people around you).

 We did a number of things that were relaxing, including walks and Yoga...

Stages of making the turtle ...

I used this pretty blue felt for the body.

... fabrics for the upper and lower shells as well as their lining.

A dated message on the under-belly...
"Stay Strong"

I have more sewing projects to share as I stayed quite busy with hand-sewing projects and sketching, but for now I'm traveling through the Pacific Northwest to see my kids... then it's back to the Midwest to be with my hubby! 

Those beautiful Peacock Feathers for my sister made it through the airports.  They are now gracing a couple of rooms - they add such color!
In my packing for the trip, I brought along a part of my collection of hand-dyed laces by Nickilee so that I could work on some Fish Charms - as it turned out, I had the beautiful Peacock lace motif with me - I gave it to Sis'.  We used one of my mom's greeting cards as a backdrop... a pretty Vermont watercolor (the plastic card sleeve is holding the lace in place).

Summertime is here!

 I hope you are out and enjoying it... *smiles*

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