March 6, 2012

Peacock Blue

There are all kinds of ways for people to reach out to each other... I especially love it when friends say, "let me know if there's anything I can do for you"... that leaves the door wide-open for surprises.  There is a couple here, who raises Peacocks, and they wanted to do something nice - they heard that my sister and I love Peacocks (we find them to be art-inspiring), they went and collected an armful of feathers.  That is so cool!  I will be the person you see carrying those glorious feathers through the airports as I travel to my sister's home for another visit!

I want to make a Thank You gift for this couple - I'm going with the idea of a set of mats.

I chose blue fabrics to go along with the Peacock Blue theme. I sketched out a Crazy Quilt block and chose to go with a smaller mat size, which will be nice for a tea setting.

Finished size: 9"x12" 

Now, as I study the Peacock feathers, the blue is a little different than the fabrics that I'm working with; I said, "Peacock Blue"... maybe the mats are a little more like a "French Blue".

... I don't think it really matters what we call them, right?!

I went a little Blue Crazy!
Originally, I stacked the fabric and cut out all the pieces at once, but then I could see that the large floral was looking really good as the center piece.

Don't worry, no fabric wasted - I'll keep the two mats for moi!

With plenty of this pretty fabric to work, and momentum... I've got several sets going.


  1. "Blue Crazy" I love it! You did a beautiful job on the mats and I'm sure they will be a treasured gift.

  2. Thank you, Nicki.
    I'm glad I had plenty of the fabric to work with, they are cheery!

  3. The mats are gorgeous! I can see a teacup with a peacock on it sitting on each mat!

    1. Hi Thearica - Happy to see you here!!

      Love your "vision"!! Along with the gift of feathers, the couple has invited me out there to take pictures of the birds! I think a little Peacock "softie" is coming!

      I'm enjoying your beautiful CQ work!!

  4. Lovely placemats, Jess! How's your sister doing? I'll be you've been enjoying the warm March temperatures in the Midwest? It's been crAzy here with snow flurries each of the last few mornings! Take care.

    1. Hi Judy, It's so good to see you! I was going through your latest blog post and thinking how "familiar" the neighborhoods looked! The weather has turned marvelous! Lots of birds happily singing!

      I'm traveling to my sister's next week. I will be with her for a long visit, I know my presence will cheer her up. Hopefully Oregon's weather turns nice so that we can start some walks (return some of that strength and endurance). I'm packing lots of sewing handwork projects. If the airlines didn't charge so much for baggage, I'd bring my sewing machine...!

      We've been watching the PNW weather... Holy Cow!


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