February 6, 2012

Community Connection

You remember that cute Doggie Jacket, from the last blog post? 

Well, I thought it sad to have to put that pattern away, I mean, it's so cute, and it's a really easy project to make... too bad I don't own a dog!

I don't have a dog, but there are plenty of people around me that do, so I got it in my head to make some jackets... for my friend's pet rescue organization.
I met with my friend, Bonnie, at a downtown bakery before leaving for the Midwest;... getting caught up with a friend over a cup a java and delicious chocolate-marble muffin is a really-good thing!  I knew that it would be awhile before we saw each other again, so I stuffed a really-cute flannel fabric into my purse ahead of time and waited tor the right time to bring it out... I couldn't wait to tell her about the idea of the jackets!

It was Bonnie that brought the subject up first...haha!  She saw the picture of the dog jacket, and she got it into her head to ask me if I could make up some jackets for her rescued dogs... we are often on the same page.
I whipped out the zebra print flannel and said, "what about this"!

Because the pets that Bonnie rescues are mainly small ones, I can purchase and make good use of those rolled-up fleece/flannel remnants that I so often see at the fabric store... you know the ones I'm talking about... the ones that we pick up and say to ourselves, "that's not enough to do anything with"!

Oh, the variety of jackets I'll be able to send...

 Last step: Sew the Velcro strips on.

I'm happy about doing his for Bonnie; I've known her for years, and all during this time I've observed her path of promoting exercise, within the community, as a Tai Chi instructor.  She's gone from teaching adults to focusing on the need for children to exercise, and providing them with after-school classes.

It doesn't surprise me in the least to learn that she also has a gift for finding pets, who are sweet in nature, and finding them "forever homes"!

For more information about Bonnie and  Alternative Pet Rescue:
About Bonnie  
Northwest Pet Resort - Bonnie's Pet Rescue Page

I've started collecting fabric for this year-long project; there's going to be some real clever ones in the mix.   As for the patterns I'm using, I've got a pile of them too... I'd be happy to list some of my favorites.

I've had a few questions about making these jackets, so I'm going to share some info, and you can chime in...

Fabrics:  I've used a combination of Flannel and Fleece.  I found a variety of flannel throws on sale (some as low as $1.50 at Menards) and decided to use them as the top of the jacket.  The flannel fabric is stabilized with the Fleece fabric, I didn't see the need to use anything else.   At some point I can see me using Cotton fabric with a Fleece backing, I just haven't gotten that far.

Pinning: You will want to use a pin with a head on it, otherwise your pin could get buried in the fleece.

Stitch Length:  Generally speaking, the thicker the fabric, the longer the stitch (refer to your sewing machine manual).

Constructing: You want to know about making it easier, since we're using fleece and fleece doesn't fray...

This is what I did -

I placed the right-sides together and sewed around the neck-line, including the across the ends that will wrap around the dog's neck.

(if you are adding the collar, then this is the time to sew it into the neck-line)

Turn the jacket right-side out.

Get the strap made and refer to the pattern for the strap placement.  Pin the strap in between the fabrics, then pin around the body of the jacket.
Sew around the entire edge, using a zig-zag stitch or regular stitch.

I kept far enough away from the edge so that I could "fringe" this.

Finish by sewing the Velcro strips on.


  1. Das ist so schön! Der Hund wird nicht frieren. :-)


    1. Poor little thing... she wore this sweater indoors too! Her visit to "cold country" was a change in temperature!

      Lovvvvve your blog!!

  2. Hallooo,

    das Hundemäntelchen ist wundervoll und prakitsch bei den zur Zeit so kalten Temperaturen und wäre genau das Richtige für unsere kleine süße "Ronja" (zu sehen auf meinem Blog in der Sidebar, sie ist nun 7 Monate alt).Ich würde ihr auch gerne eines nähen, aber ich habe leider keinen Schnitt und Anleitung dafür, aber vielleicht bekomme ich es auch ohne hin;-)
    Einen schönen Blog hast du...

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

    1. Hi Klaudia! Thank you for leaving a message!

      Yes, these dog jackets are sweet and I'm pretty sure they like wearing a sweater, the temperatures are not really warm indoors... Brrrrrrr!

      Here are a few of my favorite Simplicity patterns. Two of the patterns I bought because of the Fleece Hat, I didn't even pay attention to the dog pattern! But, they are now being used for the dog jackets and I still have yet to make a hat!!

      Simplicity #4316
      Simplicity #2303
      Simplicity #2695 ...the one pattern that I want to get!

  3. Great Project for the rescued animals. I hated to see animals mistreated and abused.

    1. I get to pour some love into this project! My son adopted a beautiful, healthy dog through Bonnie's "community"... I'm happy that my son has a super companion, and she has safe & loving home. ... I ignore my allergies and go for hugging that dog!

      Bonnie and I were sharing stories about adopted pets, there have been some miraculous events... imagine a little mutt being able to detect Cancer!


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