October 12, 2011

Beautiful Life

As I consider this post,
I am looking out at a glorious morning sunrise,

which somehow makes the writing easier...

Over my lifetime, the Great Outdoors has been both my playground, and my solace.
I refer to it as my "Beautiful Life".

Hubby and I have always enjoyed our walks.
We are often comparing new trails to the ones we know from our childhood.

I have fond childhood memories of running up and down paths. Of course it was "double the fun" experiencing it with my twin sister.  She would lead, and I would follow.

...I did not know before this last weekend that we had a nearby hiking trail - 6 trails, in all.
One could get lost out there...

Not... saying that we did get lost -

Not saying that we didn't!

I will say that finding the trails... was perfect timing as I've needed a place to think,
a place to walk; a place to pray...

Because in one minute, I'm fine...

And the next minute, I'm hit with my sister's heart-breaking health news.

I can't begin to describe how close my sister and I are; or just how much "beauty" she adds to my life. She just does.

(Whimsy by Joy)

I Believe in Prayers...

I pray for her strength,
her energy,
her hopes,
her healing.

(I welcome your prayers and well-wishes)

I am not sure when I'll be back to blogging... the seasons are changing so quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if we have snow on the ground the next time we meet.

I'm traveling to be with my sister and family (I'll be packing my Tai Chi books/videos, and some good music to encourage relaxation and meditation).

Be well.


  1. My thoughts and prayer are with you and especially with your sister!

  2. I read this beautiful blog through tears. My heart, my thoughts and prayers are with you both as you travel down this new road. Be strong,

  3. Jess, just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you. I pray that all is going well and that your sister is getting stringerbevery day.

    Sending big hugs.

  4. Thank you a hundred times over - the prayers were felt! Even on the hardest days, I was able to keep positive thoughts around my sister.
    The initial results of the treatments have been great news. I hope and pray that this continues to be the case!

    I've flown in to have Thanksgiving with the kids... we haven't been together in a year!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers; have a peaceful and Blessed holiday.


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