September 21, 2011

A September Post

Although I am sad to see Summer go, this year it felt like a nice, long Summer.  I'm ready for some Fall weather... if I remember correctly, the trees lost their leaves really early last year...

Hubby and I are determined to ride our bikes everyday, at least for another month... the other day I was riding and getting pushed around by the winds; I thought to myself, "Well, here it comes... Winter".   As I start to call out to my husband and complain about the wind, I hear my bike making a weird sound, I look down to find a small branch blown into my front tire... nothing like a visual to prove a point.  haha!

I took this picture of the moon a few evenings ago... shall we call it a Harvest Moon?

I mention Harvest Moon because we just attended a Harvest Moon Festival in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Although the weather forecast said "mostly rain" in the morning, we enjoyed a perfect day.

Plenty of people out enjoying the festivities...

I just sent my sister the latest Traveling Turtle... otherwise I would have chosen to add him in this picture.
Cute dogs.

Ronnie Nyles from Milwaukee, Wi.
I loved her voice, and her songs.  At first, my mind was trying to place the style... a little like K.D. Lang, a little like Melissa Etheridge.  You get the picture... good music!!

Wanting to get in as much as we could,  we then drove up to Fish Creek.  Along the way is Egg Harbor, which is "vacation homes galore".

Follow the truck that is hauling pumpkins.

There are several local wineries in this area - one in particular makes cherry wine, from their own orchard.

I picked out a Cherry Spumante Sparkling Juice. 

Looking around, this really reminded me of Green Bluff, Washington.

Just look at those beautiful apples.

We were told that many people like this park for bike-riding.   Must be true, there is a bike rental across the street.  I was going to take more pictures, but there was traffic and crowds; we were just trying to get a lay of the land!
There is a lighthouse too, but, we didn't go into the park to see it... hopefully next time we will.
Note: Lighthouse closes at 3:30pm

This is Hwy F, it cuts across the peninsula from Fish Creek to Bailey's Harbor ( a short drive... but you do have to watch the signs... there's one crazy intersection where East meets West, Southwest meets Northeast... watch for Hwy F).

I'll bet this is so pretty with the leaves turning in the Fall.

Arriving into Bailey's Harbor

There is a Lighthouse here also... we missed the turn-off.  I guess it was the sign that said, "wildlife"!

When it was time to go... we were wondering about the northern tip of the peninsula that we didn't see  We are planning to go back before the season is over (there's more festivities coming up!)

In the Sewing Chair: 
I'm adding to the Ocean Hexagon wallhanging...  A recent order from Nicki Lee  included some interesting lace, and my first thought was that it looked like sea plants, so I'm sprinkling some in.  Love it!

I have a copy of Marine Animals Stained Glass Pattern Book by Carolyn Relei and referenced it for some Angelfish appliques.

If you are looking at these and thinking, "hmmm, can't you draw these yourself"?
Answer: Yes, but I still like to use books that are sitting in my library!
Try free-hand copying as I have, that way there is a bit of yourself in the design.

Adding sea creatures is bringing color and life to this busy background.

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch.


  1. Rear Jessica
    What a nice travel;)And yes, the winther come! This morning is soo foggy and coold...
    Your fishs are sooo beautiful!
    Have a nice time, hugs, Rita

  2. I too am sad to see summer go but the fall colors sure are looking least for now LOL! Remember.... we still have to rake them and then pull out the shovel soon for all that white snow!

    Love you purple fish! Did you back them with something to make them sturdier? I can't wait to see this project completed - looks awesome so far!

  3. Rain, Rain, Rain. I hope it doesn't rain too much, I want to take lots of Fall pictures! Today I saw the most beautiful red and plum colors.

    Thank you for commenting on the fish! I did use a fusible interfacing; turned them into fish disks! haha! I added some beading before appliqueing them onto the background... now they sewn down (I can't change my mind,again).

    You know those Planet Earth shows, the ocean episodes? I love them, especially the ones where they are showing the currents all busy-like, but the fish... they seem so calm about it. That is what I'm putting into the wall-hanging. It's a lot of stitching, but the more I add, the better it gets.

    Snow! Noooooooo!

  4. I enjoy living in Michigan and HAVING all these seasons to enjoy! I was supposed to go up north sometime in Sept or October, haven't made it yet. We did go to a cider mill this weekend for some delicious donuts and cider. The trees are just starting to turn colors here. Today is rain and more rain. I can't wait for snow! I do love your fish. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Oh Ali, Cider and Donuts sounds so good!
    The Fall colors are like a painting, it's incredible to be surrounded by reds and pinks and oranges and plum... oh, and golds!

    I'm looking at the weather map, it looks like a big hurricane-shaped rainstorm over the Midwest. ...well, I making the best of it; soup is on!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    I stumbled upon your website when I did a google search on my new site
    I am glad I did. I absolutely love the fish !!!! HUGZ Christine

    1. Thank you, Christine! Fish are my passion, can you tell?! Wishing you a safe and wonderful summer!


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