July 26, 2011

My Surroundings are in need of Color...

I paint... I'm a painter.
One of the big distractions this year has been house-hunting... then turning a new place, into a cozy home.

So, imagine yourself starting with a blank page.. Yes, I'm talking about white walls, in every room.  
Got that visual?   Okay, now erase it... its hard on the eyes.

We chose Dutch Boy's Alabaster Frame (Seeker Collection) and Naturalist Stone (Purist Collection) for the Front Rooms.

What a difference!
It instantly brought the outside colors in.

I volunteered to do little jobs... which turned into "muttering to myself" time (37 cupboards to paint, twice mind you... 2nd coat needed for that type of surface).

Taping off, painting... remembering to remove the tape before the paint dries.

I'm close to being done.

Pittsburgh Paints has the prettiest Blues.  We chose Falling Rain and Wild River (The Nature Collection)  for the bedrooms...

I  used both shades for a marble/stenciled effect in one of the bedrooms (which I use as my sewing room).

Fun Painting!

This hutch that I picked up at a thrift store, gets a new coat.  At one time I thought that I'd keep the Marigold color, it was a nice "pick me up" during the dark winter months, but it doesn't go so well with its new surroundings.

I compromised; just a hint of Marigold is saved.
The pictures that I chose to hang in the room, also have a hint of Gold, so it all goes together nicely.

Bookshelf: For all those quilting books/magazines (okay...not ALL of them, but who's counting!).


In the Sewing Chair:

Miss Tired Arms still manages to get some work done on the Fish Charms.
Here's a sneak peek -

Green & Gold:
Nicki Lee's Hand-dyed Lace for added beauty!

Miss Kathy:
Shibori Girl Hand-dyed Silk Ribbon on Pink Silk, for starts!

Hope you've taken time to enjoy Summer... and, Sew!


  1. Beautiful paint colors! We're in the process of painting too. I picked Martha Stewart Timothy Hay for my bedroom and guest bedroom.

  2. Thank you! I had to check out the paint you chose... very pretty!
    If I was "into" painting, I'd change it up every couple of years, there are so many choices, and each a different "feel". But, I'm not into painting walls... so I'm stuck with my choice for awhile!

    Let me know when you've finished and are sharing pictures!

  3. It's been much to long since I visited your blog. Your painting is super. A nice cozy atmosphere.
    Like your blog background too.

  4. Geesh, I was so frustrated with the slowness of this computer I forgot to mention how lovely your fish look. As I'm typing along only a few letters are showing up and then next thing a complete sentence.

  5. Hi Kathy!! I think we are experiencing the same computer issues. I went to post a photo on the Sew & Tell thread and all that showed up was half a sentence! (I shoulda left it that way...lol)

    I just found this blog background! The choices just keep getting better and better.

    Most of the painting is done. We finished the master bathroom... I know how to replace "everything" now... err! It looks great (kind of a mariner-look). I'm making kitchen curtains this weekend (Simplicity #5696 Easy! Can Tops).
    Can't wait to get back to "my sewing"!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Jessica! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! So nice to meet you :)

  7. Amy, I was so happy to find your blog today! I am all-smiles when I come across something so pretty! I'll have to tell hubby that when we are looking for vintage chairs that I have to also check out the tablecloths... I started picking up a few lace curtains.
    Your blog is a joy... I'll be a frequent visitor!


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