July 20, 2011

Great Lakes - Summer Walk

It's warm & humid here... period.   We don't need to go to the gym and use the sauna! ... just go outside for about 2-minutes... breath  in the humidity...cough, cough!... and run back inside. 

100% Humidity

Storms are coming...

A pretty sight...
the storm's backside.

A few days ago we drove through a nearby wildlife refuge park.  Family/Friends  know that this is my favorite past-time... being outside and capturing beautiful pictures; more importantly... charging my "batteries"!  I get so much from this quiet-time.

Are you up for a little walk?  We are in between storms...!

A place to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature.
We hear loons off in the distance...

Friendly little guy.

After seeing that we didn't have any morsels for him, he took off!

Trumpeter Swan Viewing area.

Catfish swimming around... sorry, they blend in too well with their surroundings!

 An otter making pretty good time across the channel.

Time to head home -
Watch out for the pedestrians.

Sandhill Crane.

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  1. I love Sandhills cranes. They way they land. The sound they make. We have lots in this area of Michigan.


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