June 6, 2011

Waking Early

Mornings start early in June and am only too happy to get up and join it.  A walk or a quick bike ride along the water is a great way to get my creative juices flowing...

Taking in colors from everywhere...here, I find Chartreuse.

I picked up a little hitchhiker.

What a pretty morning!

Oh, if I had something "finished" to share... I don't; recent projects have become bigger/better than planned; so maybe you'll enjoy some in-progress pictures all the same?

In the Sewing Chair:
I mentioned that I recently designed a quilt pattern, it's called TenFour.
One version has been shown in the Pillow Wrap, the 2nd version is in this quilt (in progress)...

Loving this Rose Collection.

Another project:
I wondered, if you could you take the 10-minute block pattern and do the same method with diamond shapes...
I cut out 4 diamond shapes and went to work.
- I attempted it several times with various-sized centers and had a problem with each one.
Then occurred to me exactly what I was doing wrong... I was using too many pieces.  I regrouped, and then it hit me... I had already made a diamond-shaped cathedral window block... using Shelley Swanland's Machine-Stitched Cathedral Windows book.

Oh, sweet memory of mine that is failing me.

Well, I have to take this "gathered mess" apart...it might be a good time for me to take a break, and enjoy a Vanilla Chai Tea.

Shelley has included diamonds, rectangles, as well as eye-catching geometric shapes in this book. And if that's not enough... she shows you how to combine the shapes into "wow" projects. 

Getting back to: The 10-minute Block by Suzanne McNeill...
I am so glad I tried it! It is easy to do.
As I scroll through on-line pictures of 10-minute Block quilts, they all look different... it's all in the fabrics and setting. Look for Suzanne's 10-Minute Blocks book and have fun with her technique!
**My Patriotic 10-Minute Block quilt... is down a couple blog posts down the page.

So, what becomes of the fabric, when a project "goes wrong"?
I'm not quick to throw away pieces that can become something useful.

These diamonds can be paired up with remnants from other projects...

Here we have a little table-topper from those left-overs.

Silk & Shibori Fish Charm:

Here's a peek at "January"...
This Charm includes the Shibori Girl hand-dyed fabrics along with several pieces of silk.
I am in the process of stitching on the hand-dyed laces from Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams.

Hope you are enjoying a great start to Summer!  Here, the weather has been a real mix, and one has to be constantly aware of what's coming our way.

The storm predictions and dense fog warnings are serious around the Great Lakes... it can often delay a planned trip, so when the weather is nice... I take that walk or, ride the bike.
This was just a cloud illusion... eeeery.

Enjoy your sewing!


  1. Your little table topper is lovely. Are you still working on the diamond's? I only made one piece with diamonds and vowed never again..LOL

  2. I have kept the diamond template out... love working with these pieces. Just as you would work with hexagons (start sewing 1/4" from the edge and stop at 1/4" inch from the end), then you do okay.

    I brought my Blue Diamond UFO project to work on...errr!


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