June 14, 2011

Moving Forward... always Forward

As one Fish Charm nears finishing, several more are started...

This is January - A Silk & Shibori Fish Charm.

... in Celebration of a New Year's resolution; following my instincts.

Shibori Girl Indigo hand-dyed fabrics,
Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams hand-dyed laces,
Coordinated silk/silk tapestries,
Crazy-quilted stitched, including various beads and charms.

Here are some "pretties" started.

This beautiful fan-shaped print was sent to me by Kathy , it has a soft pink and dark plum that I want to highlight with embroidery; coordinating fabric includes a coral print and a soft pink silk.

I'm making a couple more of the "English Tea" Charms, this one has been a crowd-pleaser.

Auditioning, auditioning, auditioning...

I'm beginning to notice Turquoise everywhere...

...and loving it.

Coming Soon - "Stories"...   
How many times has your "creative" path crossed with someone else and it ends up validating your project/ or even magnifying it to another level? My notebook is filled with such experiences! 


So, a small group of Silk & Shibori Fish Charms will be made up with these whimsical & wonderful "stories" in mind.

They will highlight the Shibori Girl Indigo hand-dyed fabrics/or Shibori Girl Ribbon and Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams hand-dyed laces along with applique and stitchery (Sashiko stitching seen here).

Time to Share a Thought:
A quote that Gurmukh added in her book,
The 8 Human Talents -

"The very purpose of our life is happiness, the very nature of our life is towards happiness." - The Dalai Lama.

Enjoy Your Sewing!


  1. Love the variety of fabric you are using, and my/your fabric too. LOL

  2. Wanted to mention too, the little charm squares on the fist is unique and works very well with the design. Nice Job!

  3. Thank you much! I love the applique on the Fish...gives me another way to express myself!

    I saved that piece of fabric that you sent me, hoping to match it up with something that had coral and pink...viola! Found some pretties! I've been wanting to make a pink fish for you, so this combination is absolutely perfect!

    There's enough of this fabric combo to do 2 more Fish Charms; I'll put them into the Silk & Shibori Collection!


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