May 31, 2011

Quick-Change Pillow Wraps

I've got a couple of bland-colored pillows...

... no problem-o!
I'll just make some pillow-wraps.

... this will tie-in some of the colors used in the front room.

I love the pillow wrap!
The pillow itself, still bothers me, it's a drab color.

Now a little-less hum-drum!
The pillows are covered in a winter-white textured fabric, and if I get an inkling to do something different for the changing seasons, well, I know it will be a quick and easy project to make new pillow wraps... everything goes with Winter-White!


The pattern used, is something that I designed for a bedroom quilt. 
Here is a sneak peek at the TenFour quilt...


  1. I absolutly love your idea of the pillow-slips. Love the fabrics your choose for yours.

  2. Thank you, Karin. The thought of changing out slips rather than buying new pillows is a plus!!

    I love the woodsy rose fabric too! It came in several blue hues too - I bought them also... just have to decide what kind of pattern to use!


  3. Great idea and lovely coordinating fabrics, very elegant.


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