May 17, 2011

Good Books at Second-hand Stores

It's Spring Cleaning time... which is good for us book hunters.  You can go through the thrift stores and find all sorts of treasures.  I've come home with books that look like they might have been given as a gift and maybe looked at once.   I'm happy to give that book a "home".

When I get visitors, they can comb through all these!  Here are the new ones that I found.

 In Stitches by Amy Butler

Country Living's Country Quilts

Vintage-Style Quilts by Flora Roberts

I know, I know... Christmas!  Believe me when I say there are cute patterns in each of these and I couldn't pass up a deal.   Sandra Lounsbury Foose is also the author of Bazaar Stitchery... love that book.

The frog prince is ADORABLE in the Christmas from the Heart book!

(Christmas Stitchery)

(Creative Ideas Christmas)

(Christmas from the Heart)

I indulged myself with this fabulous magazine during Mother's Day weekend.  I have been making cupcakes lately, more specifically... brownies.  I bake them as you would make cupcakes. We-all agree that they come out perfectly-chewy that way.  I frost the brownie, grate a Butterfinger candy bar over them, and then top it with a halved piece of the candy.
This magazine with oodles of ideas is very similar to what I've been doing, only 100 more ideas for me to try.  Cute, Cute, Cute ideas!

In the Sewing Room:
I'm just about ready to sash a Patriotic quilt top, using the 10-minute block pattern by Suzanne McNeill.

With all the planning that goes into a project; I'm happy to reach the moment of having all the blocks ready to go!

I'll have an artsy version of our "Grand Old Flag" coming soon, be sure to check back on Memorial Day.

Enjoy your sewing!


  1. Wow, what a great selection! I notice your frog is browsing and enjoying all the articles too. What a great friend you have there. :)

    You are making me hungry for brownie cupcakes now too. I can't make them right now after indulging on the localy made potato chips. One weakness, along with chocolate......

  2. I think the most I've paid was $3, but then you got the 2nd book free...!
    I love my library. There's still a great deal of magazines back "home", but eventually I'll get them here. know, some days are just perfect for reading and doin' nothing else. *insert smile here*

    Those brownie cupcakes are a great success. 22 min. in the oven at 350*.

    Potato Chips are my weakness. I confess!


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