May 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I have decided to hold off adding posts to my travel blog as I've become quite busy.  For now, I will share a few travel pictures here and label them as: A Turtle's Journal.  I know that for many people, myself included, travel inspires projects... so enjoy!

The weather forecast for the weekend was stormy, so we felt very lucky to have all this sunshine.  Eventually all good things come to an end; the wind picked up.

 (Lake Michigan)

In a matter of minutes, the decision to walk the boardwalk, was scrapped! 

You can see by the waves that it was windy, but there was also sand in the air... and that stings! 

The last 4 months has included a lot of traveling and I'm always looking to bring along my hand-sewing...and, well some books too!   So, I've been picking up some of these clip-on see-through trays.

The beauty of these: I'm using them at home as well.  If I want to do some crazy-quilting in the evening, all my threads, etc. can easily and quickly taken back to the sewing room...or tucked under the coffee table!

All of my NickiLee's RavioLee Dreams laces are layered and stored here.  The crocheted doilies keep the lace in place.

Fish Charms that are in Stage 2 can travel with me.

I often sketch while traveling, so various rulers, colored pencils, etc. gets packed.

These trays will fit in my roll-away luggage, so toting them along is not an issue... any more!

Mother's Day is almost here!
We have sent fudge to our moms (I finally gave in and sampled a piece, it's sold everywhere in this region...not going to kid you, it's scrumptious!).

But, I also wanted to send my mom something hand-made... so I designed a flower coaster, and am working on a patriotic kitchen apron for her.
Over the years, I have called my mom for Mother's Day and my dad answers.  He always says, "thank you too much" and I wish him a happy Mother's Day!   He's always gotten something on Mother's Day,!

Here are his and hers coasters.

My mom is petite, so I'm not going to add the pockets that was included in the Debbie Mumm apron panel.

I opted to add a lining to this for longer wear.

I want to send out a special wish for all the wonderful moms around the world, have a happy Mother's Day!


  1. Jessica, lovely gifts for your mom. Great ideas! Fudge sounds yummy too...Hope you had a great mother's day.

  2. Geesh, I forgot to write about your great travel totes. They are perfect!


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