April 13, 2011

"English Tea"

In the Sewing Room:
I mentioned to my sister that I wanted to White on White Fish Charm, and she said she'd be the first-in-line for one of those!

I am so happy with how it's turning out.

Hand-dyed laces by Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams are the accents; they  truly add the"vintage" look.

These large white rosettes are made from satin ribbon that was on sale from the fabric store (wedding accents).

So pretty!  
Wouldn't it make a pretty wedding gift?
(... Nicki has already supplied me with more lace pieces in this color shade, so more of the "English Tea" Fish Charms will be coming.)

Hand-made satin ribbon rosettes:
It won't stop me from buying packages of the ready-to-use satin roses, but... I am now making some my own.
With many beautiful ribbons (colors) to choose from, you can make oodles of roses!
Folding ribbon roses directions can be found on-line, but I generally use these links:
Sharon b's Pintangle or  HGTV CQ-Lessons-and-Challenge.

Trust me, the folding and twisting becomes easier as you go.  Once you get the rhythm down, it's worth it to just sit and get a pile of them done!

I've also used the directions from the book, Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano, to make  roses (it's a different technique, but one might find it easier).

Fabric Find:
This silk piece had been on my radar for some weeks....it is now in my Fish Charms stash.
(it  made my day to see it on sale - 50% off).

Nasty weather:  it kept me from finishing, but I got close.

There's always the extras that get added at the end of the project.

Enjoy your Sewing!


  1. Hello Jessica,
    yesterday I received the nice card You wrote me.
    Thank You so much. And what shall I say the postal service didn't mean it very good with us. They destroyed the envelope but the card was OK and my foot, well every day a little better. I'm not able to do jogging but walking is a great option.
    Greetings and a big hug

  2. You got the card quickly this time! Sounds like the envelope "flew" the whole way! hee hee! Well, I was in Milwaukee and thought it would be fun for you to get mail from there. ...your poor foot! I hope it gets better and better. ~ I brought my stitchery book here with me. I can now work with your pretty hand-dyed threads!!! Are you teaching?

  3. Like it! Love it! The white fish is so dang purty!

    Thank you so much for giving me a call a few weeks ago - I did get your message. I've been nonstop since I ogt out of the hosiptal and haven't had much breathing time. Just got back from the Crazy Quilt Retreat in CT and all I can say is WOW! What a fabulous time with some very creative ladies! Now I'm home trying to get ready for the COF Retreat in NC - sure wish you were coming as I wish we could meet. Maybe someday.



  4. Hi Nicki!!!!!
    You sweet girl! When I called, I had actually hoped that you were resting and not taking phone calls! I pray that the scariest times are behind you and all you need to do is lead a happy/healthy long, long, long life.
    Wow! I can't wait till you blog about your retreat with all the Crazy Quilting Artists! What a dream trip!
    Have fun at the Circle of Friends retreat! I imagine that will be so full of laughter and fun!!
    We've been so busy with house-hunting. I keep thinking we'll find something perfect for having company... the hunt continues!
    I have a feeling we will meet! And,Kathy aka Mttlr is nearby too... it's just a matter of time, we'll all get to see each other!

    Thank you for the kind words about the Fish Charm, I can't believe how elegant it's looking! The lace pieces that you sent ahead are so gorgeous and perfect for "vintage white"!

    Continue your healing!!
    Sending lots of love!

  5. I really love the white on white. How beautiful!

  6. Hi Regina! Hope you are starting to get pretty weather in your neck of the woods!

    Thank you! The Charm is nearly done, I'll be taking some more pictures... should be posting them by Sunday.


  7. Jessica,
    The white on white is just so pretty, how about a ring pillow for a wedding. :)
    Your roses are so pretty, great job.

  8. Thank you, Kathy... I LOVE the one-color theme!

    Of course, I HAVE to do the opposite of white on white now; I've got the black print with ginkgo leaves for starts!

    These would be beautiful as a ring pillow!!


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