March 31, 2011

Pumpkinseed Sun Fish #1

 I've been researching fish that live in the Great Lakes for upcoming projects, and it was love at first sight when I ran across the photos of the Pumpkinseed Sun Fish.

The fish are mainly a fiery orange or a beautiful blue; I have an artistic license to go beyond, and I will!

I took pencil to paper, and started working on a shape and size that will work for a cushion (small pillow).

This is "Alaula"
(a Hawaiian girl's name for dawn, or light of daybreak).

That is  Nicki's  hand-dyed starfish on the tail; great color match!

There is a mix of cotton and cotton weave fabrics going into the Pumpkinseed Sun Fish; this is my big opportunity to do some more of the fabric weaving that I enjoy.
I am also going to use the  Shibori Girl Silk Ribbons for these fish; the movement of the ribbon is perfect for applique-work.

(in progress... choosing a silk background for the cushion)

As for those mornings that I so enjoy here; this is what I'm talking about!

Coming Next...


  1. Beautiful sunrise and matching fish. Your creativity just flows like water....


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