March 30, 2011

It's beginning to look like Spring

I'm pretty sure this will be the last week of ice sailing on Lake Michigan.

I see lots of  blue peering through the ice.

I see plenty of  blue peering through the clouds as well.

We traveled to Joiliet, Illinois, and the highlight of the trip was walking through the Haley Mansion. I'll have to get some pictures posted on the travel blog... for now, here is a few pretty pictures.

The Haley Mansion is used mainly as a wedding venue.  It's not only used by the locals, but we were told that Middle East royalty recently had their wedding here.

If you peek out the window there, you see there is an outside alter set up in a garden setting.

In the Sewing Room:
Thought I'd do another table-runner or table-topper, using extra-large hexagons.

I haven't committed to the layout yet.
Well, I haven't committed to fabric either...

Deciding; I know I want to add color into the mix.

I really like the idea of blue.

One fabric goes with 2 of the other prints, but then, really clashes with another...

gold tones...
With this combination, the color Plum is popping. I really didn't see that color until now.

Do I have any Plum prints in my stash?

This is how I keep most of my fabric; hanging in a closet.   

I can see that I have several Plum prints

Gold and Plum make good neighbors.

Turns out, there was another print in the stash that had Plum in it, and the green in it, seem to work too.

This is beginning to get crazy.  I coulda had a quilt made by now!

Update: April 15h.

Mission: To seek out fabric that "plays well" with the hexagon prints that are already cut out.
Gasoline is now at a premium price, fabric stores are on the other side of town, so I have to make what I have WoRK!

My sister sent me this pretty Plum print when she visited her LQS, and guess what... It looks super with hexagons.

So, the Hexagon table-topper saga bring in a new print that works and it automatically bumps one out.

The good thing is, I'm learning about color magic.

One of these prints have been "bumped out"... can you guess which one?!

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