March 6, 2011

Easter is when?

This year: April 24th. 

Sachets are something that I made for the kids' teachers (way back when).

I'd find a cute tea cup/saucer, add some good tea packets and a few sachets and wrap it all up in pretty cellophane.

I'll (double-check), I think this pattern was Tea Time from my Scrap Saver's Bazaar Stitchery book.!

Around that same time, QVC was selling a variety of stuffed teddy bears; needless to say, I got interested in making them...bought a few books on the subject.
For some reason (I don't remember why), I made a bunny before making a bear.
It took time to design a pattern, but I got it down!

I used to just make them from felt,

 ...but, it looks cute in cotton prints too.

When I packed the pattern away, I included cut-out bunny parts and felt embellishments...and now, I'm thinking, when did I have time to do this?  hahaha!

Speaking of bunnies... The one bunny that always makes me smile, is the one that we attached to a comfort quilt...

I read about a little girl that was traveling with her parents from Mexico (to North Idaho) so that she could be fitted with a cochlear device.   I was so moved by the people that were sponsoring the trip, the doctors that would tend to this little girl; I started think about making a little quilt for the girl.  Friends and staff helped with the project, we made a pink sunbonnet quilt for her.  We added a ribbon to one of the corners of the quilt and tied a bunny on to it.
Now, I imagined that the quilt would be delivered to her through the sponsors, but it turned out that the parents wanted to meet us....I was thrilled!   We got to meet them just before the procedure happened. The parents spoke to us through a translator; telling us about their family (they are educators) and home...all the while a playful girl skipping around us!
We brought out the quilt and watched as the little eyes move all around the quilt.  The parents then told her that this was her blanket, and in a moment, she became quiet, even a little timid.  We showed her that she could untie the bunny and play with it....that worked, the bunny was off, hopping everywhere!
The procedure of implanting the cochlear device took place.  Mom held her baby girl as she came to...then it was time to add sound to this little girl's world.   They start with the slightest sound at first, hardly a whisper; it was enough to frighten her though.   With some expert care and coaching, she started to understand what was happening and the new form of communication began.

...even now, I tear up when thinking about it; what an experience!


  1. Cute bunnies and a wonderful way to bring happiness to a little girl.

  2. From fish to bunnies - Jess you are just too cute! I love the little bunnies - how adorable!

    I got your call the other day - thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm doing much better and looking forward to the spring and some warm weather now.

    I think I've said this before to you... I so wished we lived close by each other to be able to spend some fun play time - I bet our creative minds would go crazy!


  3. Thank you for the
    bunny comments! hippity-hoppity!!

    Nicki, Everyone (including me) loves you! Praying that you know what you are dealing with and can move forward with health and happiness!

    A "creative session" between friends... I've put it on my Wish List!


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