March 9, 2011

Channeling Africa

This Fish Charm takes me back to when I was managing a travel agency...
Back then, Africa had this "magical pull" with several customers; I could count on them for their annual trips to Kenya!

I had access to the best tour literature and believe me, come Saturday morning, I'd open the travel agency...and read about lovely places to visit!

Customers would come back with beautiful pictures from their trip, including their stay at the exotic Treetops Hotel and tell me of their experiences!   Wow!

Besides the beautiful grasslands and wildlife, there is a celebration of color in African fabrics.
So, I brought that celebration to this Charm!

(In one of my posts, I share a picture of a batik that a friend made for me while she was in Africa.  When you get a chance, take a look at it!   The Bloom post )

(these are nearly finished)

Happy energy... and I'm enjoying them while they are here!
I will make these two will be available for purchase in a new post.

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