February 4, 2011

Winter White and all its Glory

It's another month of winter-y weather...brrrrr, cold.

Indoors...it's a world of color.

 I'm done with this pretty Fish Charm!

The solid blue hexagons are Shibori Girl Indigo hand-dyed fabrics.  Just beautiful!

From the beginning, I wanted to take Glennis' Shibori Silk Ribbon, and twist it into fish fins.

No twisting needed, it does exactly what I want it to do!

Looking through the Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams hand-dyed laces, on hand.

(here is a sampling of Nicki's work)

...found the perfect shade of lavender for this Charm.

I've decided to use a plum-colored thread for the edge-work.

This Charm is making its way to Long Beach as a thank you to Glennis!

 As a fan of Kitty Pippen's quilting,; I've always wanted to sew something with Asian Flare.  ...I just didn't know it would be first done on fish!   ~ I have a growing collection of pretty Asian prints and Japanese quilting books.   ...one day (sighing)!

You will see more of these, as I've been busy sketching out designs to fit the Fish Charms.

As always...I like to leave you with a preview of what's coming next... A pretty piece of silk to coordinate with the Shibori Girl fabric...

Working simultaneously on another Joy Collection; which will  include Earthy mixes.

...and, maybe even, something... a little WILD!

Wall-hanging backgrounds for the Charming Fish are being sewn up...

Just sharing this..

 I was given a book called, Vintage Trimmings for Quilters by Mary Jo Hiney, for my birthday (months ago).  It arrived just when I was saying (to myself) that I wanted to hang butterfly mobiles in the sewing room; this book has a big butterfly pattern in it!      

I cut these out before Christmas...let's see if I can get them made up in time for Spring.
(...she said smiling!)

Enjoy your sewing!


  1. Wow. You put a lot of work in these fish.

  2. Wow, Jessica, BEAUTIFUL! The wallhanging background is so pretty...I love asian fabrics too, yet the only asian piece in the house is a small ginger jar...go figure. LOL I started an asian wallhanging a couple of years ago and never finished it because I was having trouble sewing the curved pieces and having them lay flat. I don't even know if I have it stashed somewhere or if it gave up the ghost....:) I'll do a little searching...and maybe....

  3. thank you!!

    We should pick a weekend to both work on our projects and "cheer" each other on...!


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