January 25, 2011

Silk Therapy

I'm working on Fish Charms, including the Silk & Shibori collection, so here are a few photos to enjoy, as I go...

The Shibori Girl Indigo fabrics will be lovingly scattered here and there on the fish...

What is this pretty fin made of?
Answer: Shibori Girl Silk Ribbon

Check out this post about Shibori Silk Ribbon:
Shibori Silk Ribbon by Shibori Girl

 In a way, silk has 2 sides.
Both the front and back are lovely, and will go a long, long way for Fish Charms.

Sometimes, there will be a couple versions of the same fabrics to choose from...

...more silk tapestry.

Day-dreaming about Monet...

...and, if that wasn't enough!

This print has all sorts of possibilities. 

Oh, I have all sorts of ideas!

All this is keeping me very busy.
Enjoy your sewing.


  1. Have fun! You sure have some beautiful fabrics for your projects.

  2. Very pretty fabrics! Have you visited www.WeAllSew.com to see all the great sewing and quilting links? I think you'd like it!

  3. Stunning fabrics! Your mind must be flooded with many cool ideas. Enjoy!!!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics! What fantastic wondrous fish those will make!

  5. thank you...it's so good to hear from everyone!


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