January 22, 2011

a little bit about the holiday/traveling

I got to travel to the Pacific Northwest for the holidays!  There, I s-mothered each of the kids, as they returned from college...tired and hungry...my job was set before me!  I cooked and cooked.
By Christmas Day, everyone that was traveling to be with us, had arrived.  I was amazed at the weather cooperating, we had no travel delays in getting home.

There are a few changes since I was last home...little sounds of pitter-patter across the floor...
Meet Kaylee Dog!

She's a Borgi.
...she has the sweetest disposition!

I was looking forward to meeting her and truly hoping that I wouldn't have an allergy attack (incredibly, I had no issues).  I took her for walks and invited her to sit by me as much as possible.

I tried to figure out a way to bring the dog back with me. ... hehehe!

Are you ready for Gus Gus!
He is Laura's Teddy Bear Hampster. 

He's nocturnal,so most of the time I just saw a little ball of fur.
Does he not look like a little totoro?
picture by: Tara

We cooked mini frittatas...

...saw this done recently on  a Top Chef episode.

We made delicious apple muffins...

Recipe from: Welcome Home for the Holidays
Gooseberry Patch

I couldn't help myself, I made doggy treats for Kaylee Dog; recipe is from the same book.

A bad cold loves good company; it made its way around the family, me included.  :(

Oh well...
It meant a little more staying at home than planned, but it was fun to sit and watch movies like, Despicable Me.
( there's a couple of words I don't use, but overall, it's a cute movie)

I crocheted some scarves while we sat (and talked throughout the movies).

 Six scarves, in total.

I'm adding a photo of the "fun yarn" that was used in some of the scarves.

2 big football games that we watched and cheered for: Seattle Seahawks beat New Orleans Saints...OMG!!  ...the best game ever!   Then, we watched Green Bay Packers eliminate the Philadelphia Eagles...holy cow!...another epic game.  These Wild Card games were the best!

When it came time for me to fly back, I gave out hugs and said, "see you in a few weeks" (it's the only way I know how to get past that little bit of pain).  My flight was delayed leaving ( Atlanta had some snow issues and it was late arriving), and just as the departure gate was changed for the 3rd time; we're all finding a new place to sit, politely smiling at each other....a little voice starts singing, " Baby, you're a firework/ c'mon, let your colors burst..."!    Hitting all the notes, singing all the right words...!  It's the littlest voice you ever heard!  ...we are all smiling at amazement; and the announcer says our plane arrived and we'd be leaving in a few minutes.  ((We want to know who was singing!!))
The flight was going to be late, we all knew that; some of us were already thinking in terms of spending the night at our connecting city.  Some on the plane chose to "work out" how to get off the plane first and dash across the terminals...it was mainly this group of guys that came into Spokane to do a blasting job, were from Kentucky (and region)...and wanted...to...go...home!  They were fun to sit by.  
Amazingly, during the flight, we made up some time; just enough to make a dash for all connecting flights.
I made it back alright...whew!


  1. Glad you made it back home, OK! Those scarves are beautiful. Did you add the beads or were they already in the yarn? Sounds like you had a nice visit~this was a better year for the holidays here than the past couple.

  2. Hi Judy! It was a wonderful visit here. The snow fell 4" to 5",so much nicer than recent years.
    I've been watching the rainfall in your area, it does seem better. I'm hoping it stays mild there throughout the winter months.

    I'm adding a picture for you to see the "fun yarn" that went into some of the scarves. I bought all these yarns for the daughters to use, but I found it all plopped in my space! So, I offered to make them scarves, which they loved!

  3. Always enjoy looking at all your fun creations. The scarves are so pretty. Glad you enjoyed your time with family.


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