January 28, 2011

A Beautiful Book: Wild Color

It's not warm enough to go for walks; so I've brought out Joyous Turtle, to help me introduce a book instead!

I mentioned a couple of years ago, that I found the most-interesting book at the library: Wild Color by Jenny Dean.  The book shows/teaches you how to use plant dyes. (I've stated that simply, but it's more than that...it's about Jenny and her experiencing with what nature has to offer.)

I wrote down a bunch of notes while I had the book; considered what materials were "in my own backyard" and imagined myself  "cooking up color"!   Some of the lists in the books for dye color are so pretty, I could imagine myself traveling around, to get myself a little plant material....oh, let's say...in Asia?!

Eventually the time ran out and I had to give the library book back....sad sad.
I made the decision to find the book and buy it.   But, 2 years ago, if you went and looked for the book, the results were: 1 (and they wanted hundreds for it)....yeah, that's a little steep for me.   Months later, I'm reading Jenny's blog; and there's a  group of people rallying for her book to be republished.   Their efforts paid off; the book was revised and updated...in time for Christmas, I might add.
Sooooo, I put it out there and told the family that I wished for one thing: Wild Color.

I wrote to Jenny, back when I first discovered her blog.   I can't pass up the opportunity to let someone know that their art and talents have inspired me.
She is a dear one!  ...and, she loves hearing from us!

Check out the book...I'm sure you will love it.
(by the way: she has several books out on the subject) 

Jenny's blog is:  Jenny Dean's Wild Colour


  1. Thanks for sharing about the book! And I love your Joyous Turtle :)
    Off to check out her blog.

  2. Good Morning Jess, The book sounds interesting and I'll pop on over to her blog and check it out. Of course your Joyous Turtle is adorable.

  3. Gee, I don't know why I have difficult posting a comment lately. When I click post comment I get this little red rectangle and no words to type in. It takes about three tries and then wa-lah there it was.

  4. Interesting sounding book, Jess! Thanks for sharing the title.

  5. Hello Hello!

    I see there are more copies of the original edition available now,on Amazon...at reasonable prices!

    When I read that some of the fruit trees in my backyard could yield great dye colors, I decided to not cut them down. hahahaha!
    ...messy trees! grrrrr


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