November 11, 2010

Twosday with JessicaSews Fish

Here are 2 more from the collection of eight, ready to stuff and dangle.
This is #4  Colors requested: Ivory, Yellow, Orange and Red

(Orange being a power color, this is one, vibrant fish.)

Includes:  Shells and Sterling Silver Charms

And, this is #5  Colors requested: Blue, Green, Pink

Includes: Nicki Lee's Hand-dyed Lace and Charms

Waiting in the wings, these pretty pieces for the Silk & Shibori Collection!

All in good time.

Indigo Bird is busy too.

...I wonder if she knows what day it is.


  1. Your fishes are so cute.
    Hugs Heike

  2. Thank you, Heike! I'm almost done with this collection. Almost all of these are going to young people. The one I'm working on right now is the Asian-themed goes to a mom. I'm excited about it, the fabric combination is something that I'd like for myself.

    When I get done with this group, I start the Silk & Shibori Collection!


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