November 19, 2010

Pat Sloan - Patterns, Books, Fabrics and her latest Giveaway

 Pat is...simply-put, the busiest person I know.  She's got to be the most organized as well, because there is always something new to read about!   I enjoy her patterns, they are pretty, colorful, and full of whimsy.

I was reading her posts about the Houston Quilt Show, loving all the candid pictures/wishing I could have been there... then I read that she's working on a new quilt. I love the fabric combination that she's got going there, the raspberry-colored fabric is speaking to me.  Hmmmm...what could she be working on?
What's this?...she's offering a fabric bundle giveaway!  I decide to leave a comment on the  Free Meadow Breeze Part 9 and a Peek post.  What a surprise to get an email from Pat, saying that I won the Fabric Bundle!  Yippee!   How often does that happen?!

 I really wanted to see what Pat was making with those pretty fabrics, I can now share the link:  Going to Market Quilt Kit.    Love all those baskets in the quilt. Pretty!

I want to mention a few features on Pat's blog, and then say, "how nice it was that you stopped here first, because you won't be back any time soon"!  ...nope, you'll be busy there, as I often am!  Did you can know that you can listen to her on Creative Talk Radio or chat with her on Facebook?
Here's something that I didn't know, there's a  Pat Sloan's QuiltMashup Forum.
I'm signing up!

Have you tried out her patterns?  Bought her books?
....I added Tour Ireland with Pat Sloan to my Wish list.
I have some her patterns and my MOST favorite of all, is the Farmers' Market quilt.   Here is the page that the pattern is on. Pat Sloan - Freebie Links
I sold at a Farmers' Market for 10 years, so this quilt pattern has a lot of meaning to me.  Pat has captured the fun items and energy that you experience at the Market.

Now to the Fabric Bundle!  Here is what Pat sent...

Fabric from 2 of her lines, Georgia and Sweet Liberty.
And, she surprised me with the patterns to play with! 

The fabric line for Georgia...

Pat sent these from the Georgia collection.  You already know that I love Purple (!)

The fabric line for Sweet Liberty...

Pat sent these from the Sweet Liberty collection.  Festive!

Thank you, Thank you, Pat.  
These fabrics (and patterns) have a good home!

She's posted a Clearance Sale -
Pat Sloan's LOADS of good things...

You can count on a quilting tip from her that will save you time and headaches...aaaaand, she's sharing some great patterns for you to try and enjoy!

I'm off to read the instructions to the patterns she sent!


  1. What a sweet post..thank you so much for being a reader of my blog and for sharing my things with your friends!

  2. You...are...welcome! I hope you get lots of visitors from here!

  3. Wow...I simply like it..Its so lovely and informative....Books and the information was really nice...

  4. ohhhh You lucky person

    a big hug


  5. Thank you for leaving a note! This was a fun surprise!
    All I can say is, add Pat to your favorites, because you never know....she might surprise her Fans and do another Giveaway!


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