October 27, 2010

You want me to make a lampshade... okay (?)

I found  two great pieces of older furniture.  I'm thinking these will be used for craft shows. I love this table, it has a leaf in the middle and also extends on one side.

This hutch is in great shape; looks like it came straight from a boutique.

Color: Marigold

Hubby got them cleaned up and brought inside, just before the bad weather arrived (epic wind storm).  Staining the furniture will come later, but for now they are safe and dry, in the sewing room. 

While hunting for (furniture) treasures, my husband picked out a rustic lamp table. After cleaning and polishing the table, he brings me the lampshade frame; and asks if I'd make a new shade for it.  ?!!  "Something simple", he says!

I've never made a lampshade.


I guesstimated these measurements.
5 sections:  15" length, 6 1/2" across the top, 11" across the bottom. Same measurements for the lining. 

After sewing up the sections (along the sides) for the outer and the lining, I essentially had two "skirts".
Then -
1. Sewing across the top edge, right-sides together.
2. Turn right-side out and press.
3. Top-stitch around the top edge.   
From there, it was just a matter of smoothing out the "skirt-shaped" shade, pinning the fabrics at the bottom for a seam and doing a top-stitch all around the bottom edge.

I crossed my fingers as I slipped it over the frame...whew, snug fit!   There was enough length to fold over the top and the bottom of the frame for tacking on.

This has a cozy glow going on...
I like hubby's table!  ...and the lampshade.

It's back to my fish "tank" for now.


  1. Hi Jess,
    these furnitures are great.
    Do You want to be a part at trhe November pincushions and show some in November?
    A big hug

  2. Hello Heike!

    Pincushion show on Quiltfriends?
    If yes, I would love to! I have a flower pincushion on the sewing table that is pinned and ready to sew.

  3. That's a really great table and it'll be even better when you're done with it!

    I love the way your lampshade came out. Great job!

  4. Hey you! I love your new quilt project, Hold the Lime! It's every color that makes me happy. :)

    I feel like I "rescued" this old table! It's really in good condition. I want to use it in the sewing room, but for now it's holding the hutch. We've nicknamed the hutch Sponge Bob. It really needs a new color! For now, I have a little "sunshine" on a cloudy day!

  5. You are full of energy and talent lady! :)


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