October 15, 2010

Shibori Silk Ribbon by Glennis Dolce

Like pulled taffy... look at these beautiful colors.

Glennis was offering a Scrap Bag Sale, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to add these to my stash.

Be sure to click on each picture to see the color in these ribbons.

I was thinking I'd use these for the Fish fins, but a better idea came along.
They will be used in a Fish project, but that's all I'm saying for now!

I thought this looked like a beautiful shell!

The package that I bought is called Purples and More.
Check out all the colors that Glennis has created:

 I know once you see her pictures, you are going to be amazed. ...and tempted to have some for yourself!

Glennis is on her way to the International Quilt Festival /Houston, which will be held November 4th - 7th.
She will have the Shibori Silk Ribbon packages available to buy.

You can also shop online.
Shibori Girl Silk Studios
If you have questions, be sure to leave her an email.

In the background is my new scarf and phone bag from my sister.
I love Purple.

This is the first time she has added buttons to a scarf.
I love buttons.

I'm a scarf girl.  I've been collecting silk scarves for years.  And, when I'm not wearing them, they are hanging from the closet doorknobs.
Since my sister has a knack for combining colors, everyone in the family pretty-much expects a new "knitty", every year.

This scarf is 114" in length!  I'm going to stay warm this Winter.


  1. thanks for posting my show info Jessica-glad you liked the ribbons. interestingly, they really do seem to inspire a lot of oceanic imagery. i've seen several art quilters use them in underwater ocean scenes-sea grass, mermaids and such. i hadn't thought of fish fins though. that's what i love about the ribbon- seeing it's many creative uses through the eyes of others.

  2. Hi Glennis!

    Yes, I tossed the fin idea once I started playing with the ribbon. I want to "display" the ribbons and the new idea will really show them off.

    Enjoy the Int'l Quilt Festival!
    I read that you will be at Booth #1100.

  3. Jessica...That scarf is gorgeous! I am knitting on one in blues but I love the colors in yours!

    I will have to check that ribbon out...

  4. Sis -
    Goodness - I forgot the buttons for the bag - I will send them to you, so you can decorate it! Goodness - maybe it's that age thing I keep hearing about!
    The ribbon is beautiful - looking forward to seeing what you create!
    Love, Sis

  5. Thearica, That sounds beautiful! I hope you share it on your blog.
    My sister added buttons made from coconuts! They look like they are made from shells. She said this is all washable.
    Have fun looking through Glennis' Silk Ribbon pictures! I can see her ribbons (as she mentioned) adding to landscape quilts. I'm certainly going that direction with my pieces.

    Oh, Sis! There you are! I'm not the only one that loves Purple, the scarf is catchy! I'm enjoying it!

    Fish Charm #7 and #8 are in front of me now!


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