October 13, 2010


A good day to share the newest traveling turtle... Joyous.
I think everyone is feeling a little joyous, as we witness the miracle of 33 Miners being rescued from the Chilean mine.  I was glued to the television, along with the world, waiting for the last man to be back on Earth.
There were times I couldn't contain my tears, as I watched the families waiting ,that last minute, to hug their loved-one.  Two children looked like they would pass out from the anticipation, my heart went out to them!  What a beautiful job done with the rescue, I'm happy that the one capsule did the job, bringing each man up from the mine.   Should the Fenix should go into a museum? It is a hero of sorts.

Wishing each of the men and their families many blessings.

Okay, now for the turtle pincushion...
I should mention that I strayed from the  Joanne/CraftPassion  directions, and almost ended up with a turtle without a head.   Follow Joanne's instructions.....she made it easy!  

I went with beading on this one.

Now for our first outing...


This area is beautiful in the Fall... I can't wait to share just how gorgeous it is.  

A Turtle's Journal


  1. It's funny :))
    I'm happy, you like my stars :))

  2. Hi Gina :)
    Yes, love the Christmas Tree!
    I should find time to make one, I was going to do it with triangles. Yours looks easier to make!

  3. What a relief the miners have been rescued. Your turtle is so cute!


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