October 11, 2010

In the Sewing Chair

It's a beautiful time of the year.   Walking weather.

I'm finding hard to be inside with picture postcard opportunities like this...

All this color added to Lake Michigan Blue!   sigh...

I've come up with a sewing routine which starts as the sun is rising.
What incredible sunrises!

A little yoga to stretch the muscles...Fanning Yourself or Scoop the Sea.
If I feel like a total sloth, then it will be the entire Kundalini Yoga workout.

Then, I take to my sewing chair.
Sewing, beading, contemplating...

The following is a peek at (some) of the fish I'm working on.    

The order is simply by favorite colors, which allows me the freedom to do whimsy.

A few years ago, I started studying the meaning of colors.
So, when I deliver the fish, I like to mention the color information.

While out on a walk, I got a message in my ear, "making fish with heart". 
....I smiled.

I'll share more as these get closer to being finished.

Since receiving the Shibori fabrics from Glennis, I've been spending more time in the evenings, sketching Fish.  I've got paper fish everywhere!  It's necessary though, I don't want to waste fabric when I start the project.

A birthday card came in the mail from my twin, the card had the same design that I sketched out for a Fish wall-hanging...how does she do that?!

Maybe we are all finding hard to be inside?


  1. Looks like you're enjoying your new locale? Can't wait to see more than a peek of your newest fish!

  2. Oh, very much! Beautiful scenery, warm and friendly people, oodles of historical sites to visit.
    We are staying very busy!

    More pictures are on the travel blog. One beautiful picture after another!

  3. I know exactly what You mean.

  4. Heike,
    You would love all this beauty!
    Rain is coming, all the pretty leaves will be gond. So happy that we took so many pictures. I'll have to enlarge some for our walls.
    I'm enjoying all your needlework!
    The plate of flowers is beautiful.

  5. Loving all your scenery pictures. Looks like my camera will need replaced. The shutter sticks. :(
    Hope you have a nice weekend.


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