September 18, 2010

September Mix

Armed with my camera, I'm ready for Nature's Fall show.
I'm sure to take hundreds of pictures!

During the Labor Day Weekend, we stopped for a craft show and bought locally-made maple syrup.
Now that I think of it, the trees already in their brilliant red colors, could be Maple. 

Time to get in as many walks as possible, the weather is changing.
Now is when I put a light jacket on, get out on the walk, talk about the cool temperatures; and then a random warm breeze warms us up.
Then, I repeat myself, "I love temperatures between 61 and 69 degrees".

September, October, November and December.  Looking at the calendar it looks like a lot of days left to the end of the year, but... I saw a Macy's Christmas commercial this week!   Suddenly all those days look like 2+ months away from Christmas day.   Goal:  Get ready for Christmas while enjoying September, October, November and December!

Here's a look at 2 Fish Charms that are nearly finished.

Fins So Pretty...

Treasure Collector...

 It was fun to stand by and watch the fabrics get chosen for these two Charms!  I'll take another picture of these before they get mailed off.


  1. Love, love, love!

  2. Thank you, Marina, I spent some time at your blog today, you always have beautiful sewing to share.

    Sis, I think you are going to enjoy what I've got going! 5 out of 8 fish are sewn up, and ready for lace and beading.


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