September 5, 2010

Quilts at the Fair

I did not want to say good-bye to Summer without going to a Fair and seeing a quilt display.

I read about a Fair that was happening through Labor Day Weekend, near Sault Ste. Marie, so we added it to our itinerary.  And, the sun was shining, hurray!

We watched this little "train" go by.  How cute.

Here's a ride the kids seemed to enjoy, like kite-flying.

And finally, the quilts.  Not a large display, just enough quilts to fill the small stage.
And, like a small garden of roses, I poured over each of these!  Enjoy.

I instantly thought of the Rolling Stones here...hope I didn't ruin it for anyone!

This is Aunt Sharon's quilt.  How do we know this?
We know this because a (proud) family told us.  Congratulations, Aunt Sharon!

Laurel Burch fabrics...

This one was made with Fair ribbons.

Last picture.  I'd like to find the pattern for this.

Well, I guess it's good-bye to Summer.  How quickly it went.


  1. Sis,
    The pictures from the fair are great! I could see how a home-made train painted in little cows could fit in our town! It is always wonderful to see the beautiful hand-work of fellow hand crafters - tucked in all little corners of the country. And, your sense of humor gets me everytime I see something new on your blog.
    I will check on the Lion Brand Yarn site for a possible pattern for the adorable knitted shoes! You know me and knitting!
    Love, Sis

  2. Sis, I'm looking for the shoe pattern for you too!

  3. The quilts are pretty. Did you go on rides at the fair? I don't do well on ride unless I take something for my tummy.

  4. Didn't get on the rides!
    I had fun watching, especially this kite-sailing ride. That one was new to me.
    Maybe, if they made that little train for adults...!


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