September 8, 2010

Heike's Hand-Dyed Embroidery Threads

Hello Heike!
The mailman delivered a package from Germany today.
Do you see me smiling?   I'm smiling!

Your embroidery threads are beautiful. And, very soft.

What delicate colors.
I put them against this jeweled fabric and they show up so well.

Hubby says thank you for sending chocolates!  Yummm.

I've got all kinds of ideas on how to use these, Thank you!
You've been so busy with embroidery and already working on Christmas stitchery.
I still need to work on last year's ideas!
Sending Hugs!

*   *          *   *            *    *              *    *          

I've been friends with Heike, through our quilt blogs, for several years now.  One day, I visited her blog, after signing up with the QuiltFriends Germany Quilt Forum. Heike noticed the location of my blog and contacted me.  Turns out that she visited the U.S., traveled through the Pacific Northwest, including the town that I lived in.  We've struck up a wonderful friendship since.

Heike has a wonderful assortment on her blog, including quilts and bags.
More recently, she's staying busy teaching embroidery classes.
Here's her blog:  Heikesquilt


  1. Hi Jess,
    I'm so glad that you received the snail mail and I'm glad that I met you via WWW.
    A big hug

  2. Hey Jes,
    Those threads simply are stunning in colors. So what are you making now with them? It will be such a treat to see the finished project, as i just love seeing the things you come up with and make. You have such a great variety of things you make and they always turn out so beautiful. I have a hard time with things I don't know in crafting and sewing. I don't go out of the box too much, but I am getting better at it. (:

  3. Heike, You are a sweet friend! Wish we lived in the same town!
    I am enjoying all the embroidery projects that you've shared, you've really kept busy. And, now teaching? Congratulations!

    I think I will use these threads on a project that I've been meaning to do for a couple years. It's a stitchery of sisters standing together on a swing.

    Lyndsay, You have already proved that you are an artsy person and have an eye for beauty. You can take inspiration from a craft and use it in a project that is comfortable for you. ...Art can start out as an experiment and result in a "wow" moment, you never know. (I have a bag full of items that didn't work out!)
    I frequent the Libraries! Reading about different craft subjects have been informative and have really steered me in creative directions.
    With all that has happened in the last year, Lyndsay...I can imagine you have a lot to express. Your blog posts, alone, are beautifully written, that's one expression. Your photography, keep it up, it's really good. And, the cooking/baking is fun and a good way to celebrate with family and friends around you.As young as you are, you are on a great start!

  4. Hi Jessica, thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my crazy quilt blocks. I thought adding those photos to my post on depression would help to relieve the strain of reading that article.

    I see some really pretty quilts here! I need to look around and see some more of your lovely work! Pam

  5. Pam, Hello! I wasn't sure if my message got through, I am so happy it did. I will be back to visit your beautiful blog, as yesterday I gave all my attention to your September 09th post. I know that you will great great support for posting that, in turn you will be giving the same.
    Sending caring thoughts your way!

  6. Jessica,
    Beautiful Threads from Heike. Do you have a picture of what you will be working on? Almost done with my class and then to prepare myself for certification.

  7. Kathy, We need to celebrate your studies. I am thrilled that you got into this class and even morrrrre happy that you're almost done. And, I want to be there, along your side, as you go for certification!

    I bought The Sunbonnet Sue Primer and fell in love with the two girls on the swing. That picture is on the cover of the booklet. I knew that I wouldn't be using red, always pictured something like lavender...
    Heike's soft-colored is perfect for the project!


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