September 22, 2010

Celebrating Fall

Shall we celebrate the 1st Day of Fall?

Temperatures dipped down to the 30s, which signaled it was time to get the crock-pot out and warm up the oven.
Made some mild chili and a couple Pumpkin Pies.  No sooner did I get everything cooked, the outside temperatures went into the 70s. Whoa!
No real complaints though, I'll take more of that nice weather. 

Back to the sewing room for now...


  1. How lucky are you?! This morning it was 72.9...high today 94.5. Sigh. Some day...

  2. That's warm, Sherry. One of my kids is saying the same thing about her area.
    The weather prediction today for us is 2" of rain! ...another sewing day for me.

  3. Oh Jess,
    Thanks for posting about the first day of fall. I was going to but I have had a head cold these past few days and have not been on the computer latley. Out here even it was the perfect weather. Amazing at this time in So. Cal. I loved it!!! I am hoping to post some the things i normally do on this splendid day , just a little late. Love your post!!! Take care and keep creating all the amazing things you do.Sending love and hugs

  4. Hi Lyndsay, I hope you are feeling much better. Hope you are celebrating your birthdays!
    Happy Birthday!

    We went on a drive, took pictures and gathered some leaves for you!


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