August 2, 2010

Shreddy Thread...I'm jusy saying.

I'm working on the Tea Cup Block (for the Challenge/Contest) and was hoping
to use metallic threads in the embellishment.

So far, that ain't happening...
#1. Threading the needle... nearly impossible.  How many times will I attempt it before giving up?  

And #2.  Metallic thread shreds/splinters while I'm sewing the stitches......grrrrrrr!

It seems to want to do it's own thing.
(I don't know what that is.)

Maybe... I should "spill" it over the surface and sew over it; such as a Noriko Endo Confetti quilt.  That won't work, I lack her talent.


Help and Suggestions have arrived. Thank You so much!

1. Don't try to sew small stitches.
2. Choose a 12" length instead of 18" to sew with.
3. Kreinik brand was suggested to me.
4.  Try using this thread for couching. 

5. April 12th, 2011: The Quilt Show blog post includes Bob Purcell's tips for using metallic threads.  (Bob is co-owner of Superior Threads and teaches at School of Threadology).

Have a look at Sharon b's work with metallic threads (just beautiful):

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  1. I agree, metallic thread is very challenging. I'm working on a sampler that has gold stitching around each part and have to force myself to do that part. Any suggestions you receive will be of great interest!


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