August 24, 2010


Welcome New Followers!
I have made wonderful Quilt Friends from all over the world through this blog and enjoy the "sewing connection"!  I am also a member of 2 quilt forums (listed under Quilting Groups) that I can recommend, if you are interested in expanding your network. Hope to see you there!

Lately, I've been busy working on a crazy-quilted block, its my entry for the
Crazy-Quilted Tea Cup Party Challenge. Tomorrow is the deadline for photos to be sent in.  I'm almost ready to say, "Done" and turn  my mine in!  I can't share pictures or sneak peeks until the judging is over, sorry!  
All I can say is that Nicki Lee was wise in giving the group plenty of time to create!
Crazy-Quilting isn't something you can get done in just a couple of weeks.

This picture was taken outside of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  

Enjoy your Summer Sewing!


  1. I'm so eager to see all the blocks. I really need some inspiration for the block I'm working on. It may very well be my last!
    I love the new look of your blog.

  2. Donna, You have the gift of crazy-quilting! I love your work!
    Your household is going to enjoy being around you as you bead and do ribbon-work...maybe even participate!

    I read that you were going to change up a couple things on your page - that's what I was going to do, but the options were gone. When I saw this page, I went for its soft colors! thinks it will get me through the looooooong Winter months!

  3. You have a wonderful blog and I look forward your crazy quilting.

    Viele Grüße

  4. Thanks for the kind wishes, Jess.
    Enjoy the rest of summer, and happy sewing. Can't wait to see your CQ.

  5. Sis,
    Okay - The little "keepers" are the perfect size for the tiny size journals, and those shorty little pens. Works great for my food journaling!
    Love, Sis

  6. Thank you, Kerstin! It's good to see you. Hope you are enjoying sewing time!

    Joy, I've been playing with the mini purple journal! I'll be doing a post about the newest Keepers!
    Thank you for loving support!


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